Written by cumguzzler

9 Oct 2008

I am cumguzler, please read my other posts to find out how my partner abuses me with her circle of friends. Well it has now gone further.

I was home the other night and she had gone for drinks after work. I heard her coming up the path and heard another female voice too - it was her boss, Sandra. She is a woman in her late 40's and has a strong business look about her - not to be messed with. I knew that they got along but did not know that they were this close.

'Here he is 'she said to Sandra.

'Just as pathetic as i imagined' she replied as she slapped me across the face and laughed. 'on your knees slut boy' she said as she pushed me to my knees - i was so taken aback and just complied.

My face was pushed into her snatch and was held there by my mrs who shouted at me to lick it as Sandra pulled her skirt up showinig that she had removed her panties.

I was then cuffed and my ankles were duck taped together as i was made to wait naked on all 4s on the longe floor. I was blindfolded and Sandras panties were rammed into my mouth. 'That'll shut the sissy up' she said. She was right.

Shut me up from what though? Then i felt it. A slipper across the back of my ass, 5 strong whacks on each buttock. Then a few moments rest before repeating this. I was spanked for 5 mins and was sore come the end - but very hard and dripping precum

Then, a heel was placed into my prelubed ass (what does my ass always get abused) and then the camera started again. Those familiar with my earleir work will know my mrs loves to take pics of me as a slut. Sandra then wrote cumslut on my ass and slowly eased what felt like a dildo into me - then it moved - oh dear another strap on humiliation!!

30mins of fucking later (15 by each fem) my ass was wide and my cock was twitching to shoot. 'Let the sissy cumdump spurt his load' Sandra said and i was wanked into a wine glass, blind fold removed as i looked at my pathetic self in the mirror.

As a final encore a funnel was placed in my loose ass and the contents of the glass poured into it. I felt my self fill and my hole close shut as the funnel was removed.

I was sent to bed sore and full of my own seed as they played downstairs until the early hours. I could hear them shouting about what a shit fuck i was and how i should be humiliated on a more regular basis.

Something to look forward to.

What a fucking slut - a sissy cumdump you may say