Written by K

24 Jul 2008

i have been married to T for fifteen years, my wife is a very sexy 41 year old, and I am 45. Her sister Laura is 32 also very sexy, slim size 8 34d tits; I hav ehad a few gropes and cuddles at parties but nothing more. That is until last weekend, Laura now lives in the midlands and we live in ythe south, she had come to stay for the weekend, going clubbing with my wife on the Saturday. On Friday when Laura turned up we had a drink she was dressed in a low cut summer mini dress great legs, my wife was going to be late from work, she was having a drink with her lover. Laura and I were on the settee and could not take my eyes off hr low cut top such lovely tits, she smiled and said you like my tits dont you, I said I like all of you, I stroked her leg and she opened them wider, I slide my hand up inside her dress and kissed her and she responded very passionately, i felt a very wet cunt nicely smooth like my wife, we stopped kissing and she said are u sure and i said fucking right and we went to the bed room, she stripped and her body was amazing firm tits long nipples and great cutn i pushed her back onto the bed and licked her until sh had a couple of orgasms and then entered her with a rock hard cock she was a noisy fuck, she was begging me to be rough and so we had a very rough fuck session, I had her doggy and she rode me I slapped her arse with a belt and eventually fucked her tight sexy arse, afterwards she gave my cock a good sucking and clean, then we cuddled for a while, I said I waited seventeen years to fuck you, and she said that so had she. Her husband though younger than her was not highly sexed. We showered and were downstairs having some wione when my wife got in; I managed to fuck my sexy sil three more times over that weekend, and intend to again.