Written by Kenny

15 Sep 2009

My wife\'s younger sister stayed with us the four years she attended the local University. She is an absolutele knockout with short blond her and beautiful green eyes. She then accepted a job across country and was gone for two years. She then landed a job back in our city and was going to stay with us until she found her own apartment. My wife Ann works days and I was on my days off when Lori arrived. She rang the door bell and when I answered it she threw her arms around me and gave me a big kiss. She kissed me much longer than I would have thought normal. She then pulled back, but left her arms around my neck, and looked into my eyes and said she had missed me a lot and had thought of me every day. I told her I had thought of her often, myself, and mildly protested that we better not get too carried away. She then kissed me again and ran her tongue in my mouth. Being somewhat confused, and in spite of myself, my dick started becoming aroused and she began rubbing against it. Soon, I sported a huge hard on and Lori reached down and unzipped my pants and started to play with my dick then knelt down and sucked it into her hot moist mouth. She worked me over very aggressively then looked up and said the first one was for me. Then she began to suck again until I let loose with a jet of cum which she totally swallowed. She then held onto my semi hard on and led me to the couch where she quickly stripped and worked me up again. We had a wild hard fuck, then rested a while talking before going into her bedroom where we had another slower session before showering and dressing. I am deeply in love with my wife, but her sex drive is much lower and not near as adventuresome as I would like. Well, she has been staying with us now for two months and has had no luck in finding her own place. My wife loves having her here and I said she was no trouble and could stay as long as she liked. We have managed to have many very intense love making sessions which I hope last for many more years.