Written by Lucky Del

22 Dec 2008

on going lifestyle..Hi little bit about my life..I am Married with a stunning wife who unfortunuately through ill health cannot enjoy the physical side of our life..I love her to bits and would never wnat to loose her or swop her for anyne else..but after 5 yrs of in activity things were getting abit strained in the sexual department, her mind was off anything sex altogether..she had often said go and do descreetly what you want so long as I do not have to confront it head on, and I have on and off met others..Well about a month ago when my wife was in hospital for 8 days/nights I was driving back fro the hospital with my sister in law, she is 2 yrs younger then my wife at 47 never been married no kids lives alone in her own house..we chatted about this and that, then out of the blue she said..can i ask you a personal question,of coruse I said..she said well I was wondering..like me you have probably not had any sex for ages, she had said that my wife had told her that was a problem a few years ago and she presumed I was not getting any at all..she said to cut to the chase,I am not looking for a relationship as guys just mess me about, but i do miss the sex..how would you feel sorting that out for me..I was hard in my trousers before she said me..lol I have had the odd grope with her before at a fancy dress party...she went as a tart and wore such a short skirt and backed onto me as we danced and pressed her ass against my hard cock..remarking that she hoped that was a gun proding her as I went as a soldier..lol

well I replied yes i\'d love it as long as it never got out of hand and that no emtions would be in the way....I also said that the thought of making love to her was giving me a raging hard on and she slid her hand over my lap and agreed it was in need of some attetnion, we were about 5 mns away from her place...so I said is tonight to early to start our new relationship...she just smiled and said I would love it..

we arrived at her place..I was bulging hard in my trousers..and had to carry a magazing in front of me as we enetered her hosue so as not to alert anyone..once in side she closed and locked the door and took off her coat..as her hands were behind her and still in her coat..I kissed her..she stoped dead....and responded..tongues lashing and my hands were over her arse pulling her in closer...I helped her out of her coat..and continued kissng her...she was moaing with pleasure as we kissed it had been a long time for both of us but i felt lnger for her..I had heard rumours soemtime ago that she gave great head..one of her x boyfriends told me when out a few years back...and I was looking forward to that...I undid her blouse and massaged her breasts as we kissed...she was rubbing over my ccok and she pulled a way slightly and looked me in the eye...saying she wanted me inside her...but I wanted to explore her fully..she was size 10/12 fit not fat at all..36 boobs...short blonde hair..her bluse was being peled off her shoulders as we frantically tried to bring some order to thngs, but failed..however wrong this was I wanted it badly...so did she...I eased her skirt down seeing her thong and hold ups...she looked amazing...I wanted to stand back and admire her, but could not stop myself from touching her, she said shall we go upstairs..and held my hand..we had managed 3 steps when i pulled her back into me..I was close behind her and she ground herself into me again..my hands finding her breasts and tugging her bras aside so i could massage the and twist her nipples...she responded with loud groans of pleasure..I knew we would not make the bedroom...she was grinding into my cock I still had trousers on..so undid them and let them fal to the stairs...she eagerly rode against me hard this time getting e nicer sensation as my cock was mre accessable for her..she reached behind her and slid her hand under the waitband and rubbed my pre cum fill cock...as i kissed her neck and massaged her breasts further...I let on ehand slip between her legs and she bent forward a little to give me some more access..I tugged aside her thong and eased my fingers inside her..she said look what you have done,..im soaking...kissing her as she twisted her head round and easing my cock into positon between her legs and under the elastic of her thong..I told her to guide my cock inside her...she said yes please taking hold of my coc ad wanking it a few strokes as she eased her ass closer to me and guided my cock towards her very wet pussy..once there she pushed back very hard and told me to fuck her hard...deep and leaning forward now so her hands were on the 2 steps above us she forced herself back harder and harder..yelping with pleasure as i fucked her harder...her tits were bouncing about so I graabe them and fucked her doggy on the stairs...for what seemed like ages (probably about 6 or 7 minutes) we both came really heavay..making lots of noise..she asked me after if I would stay the night as it had been over 9 yrs that she had actually woken next to the guy she had fucked..and loved mornng fun..I have since fucked her 5 times...descreetly...she has a very naughty mind and also lke anal..which was a very nice suprise, im trying to get her mind around 2 cocks at once and maybe her inviting a friend around as she has had women on women experience and lkes it..looks like life not so frustrating after all..