Written by bond_mac

20 Mar 2014

I told you in my last post "sister in law in PVC mac" about the threesome I enjoyed with my wife Deb and her recently single sister Jane. Jane is desparate for sex but being a rather plump plain and shy woman in her fifties she's not getting any. I said I'd give her some if she indulges my fetish for shiny PVC raincoats. Deb is quite ok with this. She has her own occasional lover and I love to hear her telling me what they've been up to when she returns home still wet from his attention, but that's another story.

The other day I rang Jane to see if she was still up for it. She said she was. I texted her before I left for the ten minute drive to her house, saying that I expected her to be in her shiny black mac and stockings ready for me. She replied that she would and that she had a special surprise for me. This got me going, thinking maybe she'd bought some more PVC gear.

When I got to her house I got my tool kit out ... part of my cover story if any nosy neighbours were watching... and almost bumped into her neighbour Rob who was just leaving. He said he'd been to take a look at the fuse box. I went in and Jane called me upstairs. She was, as requested, wearing her short black PVC trenchcoat and fishnets and I was pleased to see she was wearing a pair of knee length patent leather boots with five inch heels. She asked if she looked ok. I smiled and told her she looked like a whore and lifted aside the front of her short mac to see if she'd done anything about her bushy cunt. She had trimmed it neatly and I fingered it and bugger me if it wasn't just moist, it was leaking cum. So that was the promised surprise. "You are turning into quite a slut", I said, "and I love it". I asked her if it was Rob. Yes, she said, all the lights went out when I was getting ready for you and he called round to see if I was ok. I was already in my stockings and boots and had to answer the door in my dressing gown. I'm afraid I was horny thinking about you and came on to him and he couldn't refuse.

I was thinking, if only I'd arrived ten minutes earlier, I'd have made sure Rob stayed for a threesome.

I quickly undressed and she needed no persuading to suck my dick. In between sucks I asked her about what she'd done with Rob. Did she suck his dick ? Yes. Did he fuck her mouth? She nodded between my increasing thrusts into her mouth while I held her by the upturned collar of her mac. Did he cum in her mouth? I think she said no. Did he cum on her face ? Like this? I let her have my load on her face then watched it drip down her neck inside her mac.

Jane looked dissappointed when she saw my rapidly shrinking manhood and reminded me that I needed to fuck her properly as part of our arrangement. She opened her mac and revealed her substantial but not too droopy breasts. Soon I had my mouth round one of her large nipples, licking and sucking it, while I massaged the other with my spunk moistened thumb and fore finger. She liked that a lot, rather like her sister. I was hardening again but not enough to fuck her so I had her bend over the dressing table and gave her a couple of spanks across her already reddened arse and thighs. It looked like Rob had beaten me too it and the thought got me fully erect again.

I pushed her up against the door, grabbed one leg and pushed my dick into her sloppy cunt. Now this may look good in the movies but believe me it's not very comfortable so after a few strokes we got on the bed and I took her from behind, enjoying the view of her fishnets and generous arse. Then she got me to lie on my back and mounted my cock. Instead of kneeling up and riding me she leant right forward, letting me suck her tits while she very slowly ground her clitty against my dick, getting herself more and more worked up. Just as I thought she was never going to cum, she let out the loudest and longest orgasm I've ever seen and nearly squashed me when she collapsed. When she caught her breath we rolled over and she asked me to fuck her hard and quick. I did her with her booted legs wrapped around me. It didn't take long before I topped up her cunt with its second load of the day.

While we were relaxing I told her how much I'd enjoyed her surprise and promised next time I'd return the favour with a surprise for her. I wonder what she'd like ?