Written by Steve

1 Nov 2013

For anyone that didn't see part 1, angie and I had got her sister Jackie staying with us following Jackie's relationship break down. Both gorgeous sexy Caribbean descent girls, I was loving her being there and had helped set her up with my friend when her cock craving got too much. Anyway this is the latest. Angie had just finished a set of nights which always means a sexfest and we'd gone to bed early on a Saturday night with Angie's sexy smile making me hard. As we went up Jackie told angie to remember to give me the thank you from her. Once in bed I asked what she'd meant. "Porn star blow job" said angie with a wink disappearing beneath the quilt. She almost swallowed my balls, spat on my cock took me deep throat and fucked me into her mouth. I couldn't help but imagine it was Jackie's luscious lips working that magic and before long I was pouring hot cum into Angie's tummy as she gulped it all down. "You got 10 minutes to recover" she warned me. I knew my beloved needed cocking and before long I was fucking her ragged in every position. Jackie downstairs must have thought we were moving furniture. After , both covered in sweat spunk and cunt juice we slept sound. It was light when I was woken by angie again sucking my balls. "God ang I'm minging down there" I said. "I don't care" she smiled her face shiny with pre cum. She slid up my body stopping to rub my cock with those huge black titties. Then she mounted me and gently rode me, her thick nipples in my mouth. It felt beautiful, real love making. Just then the door opened and Jackie waltzed in with a tray "breakfast lovers, you two were wild last n- oh my god I'm so sorry". Although my first instinct was to stop, angie was past the point of return and with a low animal grunt she came on my cock. Jackie didn't move and the thought of her watching my hard white cock disappear in and out of her sister got me pumping my seed. Angie rocked gently on me making sure every last drop was in her then dismounted and asked Jackie why the fuck she didn't knock. Jackie said "I heard you fucked senseless last night I thought you'd be knackered. Here's your breakfast Steve you stud. Now cover that thing up it's not something a sister in law should see". I hurriedly covered up and angie laughed "impressive tho ain't it?" Jackie said "it fuckin was a minute ago. Looks a bit sad now tho". They both laughed. These 2 sisters could talk about anything. Jackie asked "is Steve as big as codey?" Angie shook her head, chewing toast "no but he can use it better" Jackie said "no fuckin way, codey is good man" "I'm tellin ya Steve can mek me cum like no man I've known". Then turning to me angie explained "I went out with codey for 2 months and then after, Jackie had a couple of goes on him. I won't lie he was good. Excuse me" she ducked under the quilt and started sucking me again as Jackie continued " honest Steve his dick was MASSIVE. But he could make love too. Oh by the way, when Angie's cumming shove a finger up her black ass and she'll gush all over you" angie emerged from the quilt"fuck off you're the bum love queen, now go cuz my mans ready and if you finger my ass I'll do it straight back Steve" Jackie left muttering something about a booty call and I threw angie on her back and fucked her like crazy despite the few pangs of jealousy about her ex. As we were about to cum I pushed my finger up. She yelped and stuck her finger in my arse to the knuckle. I've never cum so hard.