Written by phil

21 Sep 2015

This is a follow on from before if you have been following I am fuck my sister in law carol , carol has the body to match danelle t off the golden girls channel on a night . so it is Saturday night she phones me and says meet me at the bottom of a local land lane tomorrow about 11 30 am . so I am waiting at the place where she says it is hot day , I hear some car horns and lads cheering ect then I look in mirror and see carol she has got a tight pair of jeans on and a blue bikini top on which is small so the sight of her gets me hard strait away when she gets in car I say where is hubby ,he has gone to pub wont be back till 4pm . I say to her wow them tits have got me hard ready to fuck you she says what you waiting for then off we go I drive to moor road find a spot out of way get a blanket and we go away from car I lay blanket down when I look around she has taken the top off . I grab her and push her down on blanket and start to kiss her then suck her tits and nipples which gets her wet . she is undoing my jeans and has got my cock out she then starts to suck the head on it flicking her tongue around the head and eye , I have got her jeans open now and playing with her clit and wet pussy we strip off , I am then sucking her pussy then lay on top of her and rub my cock along her pussy lips which is soaking I then plunge in deep which she loves has likes me to fuck her hard fast and long strokes she is having orgasm after orgasm and tell me to push in deep and come but I love holding back and making her beg then push into balls and explode . we lay their a while till my cock goes limp and I roll off we kiss and she starts playing with my cock then starts to suck it ,it is starting to rise again , when it is hard she get on the top of me and is rubbing her wet pussy over my cock , i say you are a cock tease ,she laughs at which i thrust into her and she starts to ride me i have cupped her tits and i am sucking her nipples till we come at the same time we clean up and go back to the car i drop her closer to home and she says can we meet tomorrow night i think i have a treat for you well how could i say no if you like will tell you how i got on later have lots more to come and carol comes also