Written by dildodo

20 May 2011

Regarding my last post on here concerning my siter in law and finding that she too was a swinger we decided to keep it a low key thing for a while. A few weeks past since our last escapade and I thought no more about it until the other day when Julia called to say she had trouble with her kitchen cupboards and as her hubby was away working would I take a look. I arrived at the house and Julia let me in and right away let it known that there was nothing wrong but since our last meet she had thought of nothing else but getting together again

We sat on the sofa talking about the situation of family etc but the attraction to each other was too much and Julia said she was going upstairs and to follow in a couple of minutes. Well I did what she asked and when I arrived upstairs she had changed into stockings and high heels and nothing else and was lying on the bed just waiting. The first thing she said was "if you want me then take me and I will be better than my sister". At that I just stripped as fast as I could and joined her on the bed and started to play with her pussy and inserted a couple of fingers into her which made her moan a little. I went down on her and licked and fingered her until she was soaking wet and moaning out loud. I moved until I was positioned between her legs and pushed my hard cock into her waiting pussy and began to push in and out of her. Her body was moving with mine and she responded by saying "I want your cum". Hearing Julia talk like this made me horny even though I was shocked and all the time I was fucking her she was saying expletives like I had never heard her say before. I continued to fuck her harder and harder and then said "I am going to cum" to which she replied "not in me, shoot it over me". I felt the sensation building up in me and removed my cock from her and positioned my cock over her upper body and then let it go. The first spurt shot over her breasts followed by an even bigger spurt which hit her across the face and then again across her breasts. Julia took hold of my cock and started to lick and clean it up something her sister never did and didn't stop until she had cleaned every last drop from my now limp dick.

We have met several times since and are going to go to a friends swinging party together this time and hopefully continue a horny relationship together away from the mundane family life and keep our little secret.