Written by thedude

6 Feb 2009

Hi, i thought id tell you a story that happened to me about 8 years ago. My sister who was 20 at the time asked me if i could do some decorating for her at her flat. She gave me the keys and sain pop round to look at the job while she was working. I went round the following morning. I let myself in and was sitting at the kitchen table reading through the decorating jobs she had left me. A bang came from upstairs and knowing no one was supposed to be in i krept up to investigae. as i reached the top of the stairs her bedroom door was open and i could just see the bottom of what looked like stocking clad legs. I moved closer to the door and now i could see exactly what was going on. Her then boyfreind aged about 25 was lying on the bed dressed in stockings, susspenders and tiny panties that he had pulled down. He was wanking hard and fast. To be honest my cock is a decent size about 7 and a half inch, but his was slighly longer and much thicker. At first i was unsure as to what to do but i knew seeing a big cock like this being wanked was getting my own cock hard. Anyway i decided to push the door open. He was shocked to say the least and nearly jumped off the bed. didnt know what to do with himself and just kept repeating please dont tell your sister ill do anything. well the moment had tacken over by then so i said well if you want to dress like a slut you can suck my cock like one. i got my now throbbing cock out and rammed it in his mouth. He did suck cock like a slut too, you could tell he had done it before. I rammed his head hard down on my cock for at least 5 minutes then told him to lie half on the bed with head and shoulders on the floor. He did as he was told. Now i said, wank you big cock in your own face you slut. he did so and soon shot cum all over his face, i too wanked hard and soon i covered his face too. I zipped my cock back up and left him there without saying a word. I never did tell on him either..