Written by Get Even

2 Oct 2018

We are a couple. Been together 5 years. We’ve both been in relationships before and our time together has been good for both of us. We have talked about making it formal regarding marriage but hadn’t taken that step. I thought everything was going well. Jill is 31 and I am 35 so plenty of time.

Our sex life is very good. We would fuck most days and on the weekend maybe even twice. She cums when we fuck. I have been around enough to know when a woman is faking and she is not. She could never act that good and she is a squirter.

Enough about our situation and now to what happened. I am an engineer and run the design section for a very large firm. Jill is a pharmaceutical rep. She services medial companies and doctors and is very good at it. We are both very well paid.

It was a Tuesday afternoon about 2 pm when she called me and was crying. She wanted to meet me outside my office building. When she drove into the car park I got into the car thinking someone in my family had died. She was still crying but said she had something to tell me and that she wanted to do it and not someone else. She said I would be upset but begged me to forgive her.

She then came out with that she had been having an affair with our friend Nick. Nick and Sally are friends of ours. I mountain bike with Nick and we socialise a lot with them. Jill went in to say that they had been found out by Nick’s wife, Sally. Sally had confronted Nick earlier that day and threatened him with throwing him out and taking his kids (3of) and shifting back to where they used to live and still own a house. She insisted that he meet me face to face and suffer whatever I did to him.

To say I was shocked is an understatement. I gathered my thoughts and rage and I asked her how long and she told me, nearly 10 months. I asked how often and she answered 3 or 4 times a week. I asked when they did it and how it started. She said they got talking at another friend’s birthday we were at. Nick told her how he felt about her and how much he wanted to have sex with her. She admitted she was not offended but quite flatted and she agreed to meet him the next day which was a Monday. I could not understand why she was flatted as she is very good looking and has a figure to die for. Men watch her all the time. She knows how to dress and how to act in company. That’s why she sells lots of drugs.

They met for a drink at lunch time and he said he had a hotel room. She went with him and he fucked her. At that point I asked her, if it was good sex? She said it was. I asked, did she then leave? No, they did it again. I asked whose idea that was? She said it was hers. She wanted it again because it was good. I asked what happened then? Jill said it was too late for any more appointments so she came home and got ready for when I came home. I asked if we had sex that evening? She said we did. She went on to say that on the days that she had sex with Nick that she never ever avoided sex with me. In fact she often went out of her way to make sure we did it. She always made sure she was clean and fresh for me.

I asked her if this was guilt. She didn’t know at first but agreed it might be. She went on to say that she still liked sex with me. She also liked it with Nick. I reminded her that I believed that Nick was fucking her and that she and I were in a relationship and made love. This made her cry even more but she agreed.

What ran through my mind is how much sex she was having. Being fucked by 2 men regularly as she told me and I had not noticed any difference. She was always up for it and responded so well. It certainly fooled me.

I had heard enough and had to get back to work. The afternoon wasn’t very productive but I did what I had to and then headed home. Jill was there and soon after Nick arrived. When I answered the door he started to say something but I stopped him and said I knew everything and didn’t want to see him ever again and if I ever came across him I would leave him maimed for life. He was probably relieved as he probably expected me to bash him then. He knew I could as I am much stronger that he and he has seen me deal with some troublesome people before.

After he left I got Jill and told her I wanted to know everything, a lot more. I also told not to bother crying as that didn’t help. I then asked when he fucked her was it better than me. I made sure I used the word fucking. She said no it wasn’t better just different. I asked why it was different? She hesitated for a while then said that he was quite rough and hit her. I was shocked and asked about the hitting. She said it wasn’t actually hitting but he slapped her, like disciplined her. I asked where and she said, on her bare bottom. I said to her that she doesn’t like any hitting or slapping from me because we had tried that in a very mild way so why from him. She answered that she didn’t know and had always thought she didn’t like it but when he did it that it made her very excited. He put her over his knee and slapped her very hard. She said it made her cum. She also said it made it hard to hide the marks from me and she had to make sure that I didn’t see them and she had to get into bed first. After the first few times they also restricted the slapping because of the risk of being caught.

I asked about what else was so good. She said he used nipple clips and this sort of replaced the hard slapping on bare flesh. He still did some slaps sometimes but she was covered and didn’t mark. I asked what else? She went on to say the oral was fantastic. I asked how it could be better that what I do as I eat her regularly and she cums over and over. She agreed but said he did more. I asked how he did more? She finally admitted he fingered and licked her arsehole. She said when he did that and rubbed his fingers at the same time in her pussy her orgasms were explosive.

I also asked her where they did it. She told me that as Nick was a Real Estate salesman that his company had some units that they let prospective buyers stay in if they had travelled to make a deal on a property. He looked after them so he always kept one spare and clean for them.

I slept in another room that night and next day went to see Nick’s wife, Sally. I told her that I knew she was letting Nick stay if he told me and admitted what he had done. She said she hadn’t forgiven him but she would see what happened.

I told her that I was going to ask her some questions which I hoped she would answer truthfully to help me understand what had gone on between Nick and my Jill. I then asked if she likes her bare bottom slapped and did they do it a lot. She said Nick had never slapped her and she wouldn’t allow it. I asked did she like nipple clips? No, she would never ever use them. I then asked that when Nick goes down on her, did he lick her arsehole till she came. She went red and said he did not. In fact, he never went down on her. She said she likes to be licked but he never does. I then said, well he did all that to Jill. I then left her thinking.

I wrote a statement containing all the facts of what had happened. All the things that Nick had done to and with Jill. I then went to his Real Estate office. I had made an appointment with the owner who is Nick’s boss. I gave him the statement which he read. He admitted that he knew Nick was having an affair but he didn’t know who with. I told him that I was going to put that statement on Facebook tomorrow and link it to his business and all the local social pages that I had access to. I wanted everyone to know the kind of person he had working for him. I told him I was sure it would affect his businesses. He said at first that I couldn’t do that and it was against the law. I replied that it may be but they couldn’t stop me doing that and the damage would be done. I then went to tell him that if he didn’t want that, then Nick had to leave the business. I also said that he should warn any other businesses that would employ him locally that I would do the same to their businesses if he went and worked for them. I then left.

Two hours later I got a phone call to say that Nick’s employment had been terminated and the other businesses had been warned. The business owner also apologised.

I got home just before Jill. I asked how her day was and she said it hadn’t been good. She was worried our relationship was over. She was still beautifully dressed and as she walked past me I grabbed her and torn her clothes of her. I stripped her naked. I was quite rough. I did rip her top in half and tore the gusset clean out of her g string. I then spun her over my knee and slapped her as hard as I could on her bare arse. I gave her about 20 slaps making sure I targeted both buttocks. They were red and glowing. My hand was even sore. She was convulsing over my knee and humping as she came. I then pushed her to her knees and clipped some nipple clips on her very erect nipples. I had stopped on the way home at an adult shop and bought some.

Then I stood and dropped my own jeans and briefs. My cock was raging hard. I am not small at about 7 and a half inches. I then took her head and proceeded to fuck her mouth. I realised that I was literally choking her with my cock as I slammed it in her mouth and down her throat. So, I shorted the stroke but kept up the rapid pumping. She was gurgling and gasping as I finally shot my load of cum in her mouth.

I collapsed and she crawled over and hugged me. I reached down to her pussy, she was so, so wet. She just shuddered as I touched her. She then thanked me for what I had down. She told me that I could do that to her any time I wanted.

We are still together. I don’t do the rough sex bit all the time but maybe once or even twice a week. We haven’t talked about marriage and I don’t know if we ever will but who knows. I have also explored the arse licking part as well. I didn’t find it that bad and do it sometimes now. She had done it to me and I have to admit it is a wonderful sensation.

Nick and Sally are no more and Sally has a new man but we are not close to her anymore. We don’t know where Nick is. Probably fucking some friend’s lady.

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