Written by mboa

29 Oct 2012

well i ahd the new sky box connected in my bedroom and my time slot was 1 oclock,so im doing the usual housework kept checking the clock,then i lkko out of the window and see the sky man in hes van,bath was running and husband wasnt home from the dcoctors appointment but new he would be back soon.just when i was going to answer the door i heard him saying yea mate its the back bedroom follow me up, i knew hubby was dealing with him so i got myself in the bath.then 10 minutes later i returned to my bedroom to get some underwear,i was in totol shock all i seem was long brown hair and a full bust in a crop top and tight blue pants, i say omg ive never seen a sky women. she must of seen the shock on my face, she say your son promised me acoffee, i say my son its my husband really she say.i sat on the bed talking about the weather and how theres nothing on the tv at nighttimes,my hubby appeared and i could see her eyeing him up,she say omg its getting hot in here do you mind if i take my top off,i looked at hubby in shock then she undid her bra i thought it was a joke but i was speecless,she started telling us how her bf of 7 years had left her how she got turned on by younger men,she was really hot and flustered , i told her to sit down a minute,to my horror she lay down parted her legs and slid down her pants. i saw her fingers disappear and then she slide the remote control into herself started moaning and asked for a hand helping her get it out, i was to shy wasnt shocked but thought she was sexually frustrated. i slid my dressing gown off and opened my legs why my husband slid is cock in my , i heard her moaning and asking would my hubby be able to service her, she was really frustrated so i pushed him off snd let her suck is cock why he dribbled in her mouth. at this point i went over why we both licked him all over,he was pleased but i didnt want anything more,she passed on her phone number and was asking would we like to spend a night with her at her apartment but she is adamant she wants full sex a threesome with a strap on, we havnt decided yet