17 Jun 2015

I'm a freshman in college and my roommate kerstan and I share a room. She has a boyfriend who's dorm she stays in a lot. They've gotten serious lately after taking it slow for a couple of months. She stays 4 out 7 nights a week, recently one of her homosexual friends has been staying in my dorm while she stays with her boyfriend. Her gay friend Devin doesn't talk to me much, he usual comes in late. He was kicked out for bad grades so he doesn't want to tell his family. After a month passes by me and Devin get closer because he is here so much and I don't mind because he buys groceries as his part of the deal. He likes to listen to the top 40 count down while he sleeps and I love pop music so that's a plus too. But most of the time I'm a super heavy sleeper so it wouldn't bother me anyway. One night last week I woke up and he was touching my boobs while he was jerking his cock. When I woke up I didn't move or freak out, I just laid there fake sleeping. I don't sleep with a bra on but he slid my shirt all the way while I was sleeping and I didn't notice. He continued to play with my boobs while he jerked off for about 8-10 minutes and he didn't go any further than that but he did finish into a napkin like he was just experimenting with me.

I wasn't sure what to think. I wasn't grossed out but I was nervous and so shocked. I acted normal the next morning because he fixed my shirt and everything. It made me feel like he was curious and respected me somehow.