Written by acoupl

23 Feb 2007

After a long night of chat and drink we accepted the invitation to sleepover at a friends house. Only the floor in the tv room was available by Jane and I were happy to accept. Another couple took the lounge floor and very quickly all were asleep.

In the morning I woke early and hard and with Jane lying on her side I quickly got myself into a position where i could enter her from behind. I don't know what she had been dreaming about but she was wet.

When the door opened and our friend George came in to say Good Morning, everything looked normal enough, we were lying in the spoons position though my cock was very firmly engaged. Trying to have a conversation in the circumstances was a little awkward especially since i wanted to slid my cock back and forth every few seconds. I think however that gave the game away -either that or something in the face of my wife.

I noticed all went quiet and when i peered over Jane's shoulder George was on his knees and his cock was in Jane's mouth. My cock throbbed harder as I continued my earlier fucking. Trying to remain quiet was a major issue especially when Jane turned around to present her pussy to our morning visitor. Now my cock was in her mouth as she was well fucked from behind and filled with cum.

The sound of footsteps outside the door brought our cosy gathering to an end and whilst others came to offer us coffee in bed, Jane could do nothing else but let the cum run down her thigh, of course they didn't know, only George and I did.

Over the months which followed we became very friendly with George and his wife but that I will leave for another time