Written by Gcuck

7 Mar 2017

Early December and my wife and I were in a Heathrow hotel ready for an early departure the following morning. I am fifty nine years old and my wife is well into her sexy sixties, but we are always told she looks much younger than me and is normally given early fifties at the most. We both keep fit with regular gym workouts and my wife has retained a good size 12 shape with 34E boobs and great shapely legs.

We arrived mid afternoon and had time for a leisurely suck, wank and fuck before we showered and headed to the bar for pre dinner drinks at around seven o'clock. Mrs G was dressed to impress in a red dress and black seamed stockings with black lace panties, bra and suspenders, I knew she would turn heads, but I am used to that and enjoy seeing her get lots of attention. In the bar we were surprised by how busy it was but got our drinks and moved to the side away from the serving area, unfortunately the six or seven bar stools were taken but a smartly dressed Indian guy in his early thirties recognised our dilemma and kindly offered his stool for my wife to sit on. I watched his face has my wife climbed onto the stool and noted his appreciation of her stocking clad legs, her dress was well above her knees revealing plenty of thigh and sheer nylon, I loved the view and I am certain he did too. After a few minutes we began chatting with the kind guy that had donated his seat, he too had an early flight but was meeting friends at 8.30 and had ordered a taxi to collect him to take him to a restaurant. Whilst we chatted the bar became very busy, apparently there was a Christmas party taking place and most of the attendees were meeting in the bar, the influx of bodies moved us all closer together and our man was good company making my wife laugh a lot which also moistens her pussy!

Whilst chatting I noticed that he was resting his right hand on the outside of my wife's thigh, obviously enjoying the sheer nylon and her firm legs. I was encouraged by this and offered to buy him a drink as we were replenishing ours, I left them and moved through the crowd to get our drinks and on my return which may have been five or more minutes later I noted his hand was now firmly on the top of her thigh with the bottom of her dress having risen higher revealing the first of one of the darker rings at the top of her stockings. He did remove his hand briefly as he told us that he wished he was not meeting his friends as he would have enjoyed spending the evening with us.

I was intrigued to see what would develop, he was half my wife's age! I told my wife I needed to find the toilets and left them alone again as I fought my way through the crowd. When I eventually returned, a good ten minutes later, my wife's knees were well apart and our man was shielding her from view, but he quickly pulled his hand from between her thighs immediately licking his fingers as my wife watched intently. It was clear to me that she had allowed him access to her delicious and almost certainly wet and hot pussy. I love seeing her fingered or groped as this normally leads to more.

Another drink later and my wife then said she also needed to visit the loo and our young friend said that he would need to go and change before the taxi arrived so he would help my wife through the crowd still occupying the bar. As Mrs G slipped from the stool her dress again slid upwards revealing her stocking tops, she kissed me and said I won't be long, she then whispered 'He has made me so wet!' The younger Indian gent shook my hand and said it had been a pleasure to meet us and again expressed his wish that he had not to leave us so soon after meeting. He said we were a lot of fun and gave me his business card, saying we should stay in touch. At that he led my wife away.

Mrs G did not rejoin me for almost twenty minutes and I know that this can often be the case when visiting the loo in a very busy venue when ladies are adding the finishing touches before going into the party. The bar was beginning to empty as she climbed back onto the stool. As I stood alongside she told me that I would love what she had done and taking my right hand she moved my fingers between her thighs saying that I would love feeling how wet and sticky her pussy was now! I asked 'Did you, did he? No condom? What happened?'

My wife explained that her young friend led her through the crowd, he said the toilets would be busy and suggested she use the one in his room which was close. Indeed it took less than a minute before she was inside the entrance to his room and found herself pinned against the door with her mouth filled by his tongue as he French kissed her with real passion and his hand was again at her pussy pushing two fingers deep into her hot and wet cunt. She managed to pull away saying she did indeed need to use the loo, he said he would remove her panties there and then to make her task easier and she stepped out of them and headed to the bathroom. She freshened up and went back into the bedroom, her friend was now naked sporting a seriously hard and impressive cock, he was wanking with my wife's panties around his cock.

My wife said she removed her dress laying it on the back of a chair then lay on the bed with her legs spread for him, she admitted she wanted him to fuck her and told him he would have to be quick, he immediately had a quick lick of her cunt then said he wanted to fuck her, my wife said she asked if he had a condom, he replied that he never used them so my wife told him he would just have to finger her and she would suck and wank his beautiful cock. Although not too happy it was an offer he was willing to accept and after a few minutes of being pleasured by my wife's mouth and tongue he said he would wank and cum over her cunt. She moved so that his cock was close to her pussy and he began to rub his cock against her clit and the lips of her cunt. My wife said the stimulation of his cock rubbing against her clit made her cum, and she doesn't know whether she pushed herself onto him or whether he took advantage of the situation but he was quickly deep inside her fucking her hard and she came again. He carried on fucking my wife eventually flooding her pussy with his spunk.

He immediately apologised for fucking my wife, as they lay side be side kissing again, admitting that he just couldn't resist temptation he told her he just somehow slipped straight in, my wife said she had loved being fucked by him and she was sorry it was such a rush, she told him she would like to have been on top riding his big cock. Sadly the room phone then rang to say his taxi was there, he told the caller he would be ten minutes or so and was sorry.

My wife wiped some of his heavy load from her cunt, and replaced her panties knowing how much I enjoy sloppy seconds, although it had been years since I last enjoyed this experience. Her Indian friend told her he was clean, he said it was the first time he had fucked anyone other than his wife for ten years and that she had awakened a love for mature women he had enjoyed as a teenager with his auntie. Dressing quickly my wife left him not much more than fifteen minutes after she entered his room and rejoined me at the bar. He told her he would be back by midnight and would have some condoms if she would like to fuck again! My wife said that I may want to watch and he said it would not be a problem for him!

We updated our restaurant booking and returned to our room, Mrs G again removed her dress and lay back on the bed as I undressed as fast as possible. I pulled her panties down slowly savouring the sticky mess that had dropped into the panties then with my fingers and tongue began to enjoy the deposit left inside my wife's wet and willing cunt. I knew doing this would cause my wife to orgasm and she did! As she recovered I slipped my cock into the wet sticky warmth of her cunt, barely touching the sides but continued to fuck her as she revealed more of what her younger friend had been doing to her in the bar, sadly I did not last long and shot my spunk deep to mix with that already left there, I loved it and so did she. We did make dinner eventually but we were too tired for her to meet her Indian lover late that night and had to leave early morning so did not see him again.

I have to confess my thick five inches is regularly surpassed by other guys and although our Indian friend was reasonably quick my wife enjoyed his cock. That business card is in my wallet and if she is good, well maybe I may make a call