Written by Freddie

7 Oct 2007

My loving and sexy wife of 20 years was reaching her mid 40's and from everything I have read and experienced Women are reaching their sexual highs! Sure enough she couldn't get enough sex and on a number of occasions we would be out with friends and before the evening was over she managed to fuck one of the guys we were out with. (with my encouragement)

One day I came in late from work and she asked if I really liked sloppy seconds. Well she knew the answer to that. Certainly did and I got close enough to slide my hand between her legs only to find she had already been fucked by someone during the day.

She acknowledged that a friend of ours had dropped by and had managed to get a piece of pussy before he left. she told me that Bill had called and wanted to meet for drinks when I got home and knowing Bill that usually meant that my wife was going to get her butt fucked before the night was over.

I agreed that it would be a great idea to go out for a few drinks and that she didn't need to wash up as I wanted to feel her wet pussy and see if she would leave a wet spot on the bar stool when she got up.

As the evening rolled along and the wine flowed, Bill asked Pat if she wanted to join us at home for a night cap. We walked home and it wasn't long before Pat and Bill were locked in a hug and kiss and disapeared to the bedroom. I could hear Pat moaning as Bill drove his cock in her for about 15 minutes. After the noise quieted down they both came down stairs with Pat wearing only a short gown and Bill combing his hair.

After Bill left Pat turned to me and asked if I was serious of wanting sloppy third. Well that invitation didn't take long before I had Pat on her back with my face buried deep in her wet cunt. I licked and sucked until she managed to shoot her hot juices on my face.

I didn't waste any time after her last shot and pushed my dick deep inside her wet cunt and with all the heat and cum it didn't take me but 3 minutes to shoot my first load.

I did manage to get at least 2 more shots before I too was exhausted.

WOW sloppy seconds or thirds are GREAT!!!