Written by dynamitedave

9 Jul 2012

With the prospect of a day at home I logged into the chatrooms hoping for some action. Having not had any cock for a week or so and quite horny I was in the mood to be used.

I started chatting with various gents in both the bi married room and bi/cd/tv room trying to drum up some business.

Eventually got chatting to a horny guy down in loughton who was happy to host me and help find another to use me. Details exchanged and off to get ready....black stockings and suspender belt, tiny little red thong and ra ra skirt with white blouse. Best slutty make-up and then off down to loughton.

When I eventually arrived the two boys had started without me but it wasnt long before i was on my knees sucking on two cocks while they undressed me. Within minutes i was on my knees in just my lingerie, sucking on one thick cock and wanking the other.

One of the guys moved round behind me and slipped my thong to one side replacing it with his tongue and then fingers, fucking me roughly to loosen my tight ass....while this was going on the other guy was fucking my throat making me gag...

It wasnt long before the fingers were replaced with a cock rubbing at my tight entrance and boy did it take a while to get his thickness inside me!!

Eventually he penetrated me and started fucking me hard and fast while the other cock was being rammed into my willing mouth.....

I was in heaven, impaled right up to his balls and the thick cock stretching me wide. My moaning didnt help matters and the first guy soon spunked in my mouth followed by the second shooting his load all over my ass....

Now sitting at home feeling thoroughly used.....looking for more cock, especially big black cock.