15 Nov 2016

Here is an update where I would like to fulfil my shy wife’s fantasy of an mfm threesome. Please just put in my user name to see previous instalments and sorry if this isn’t talk of 10-inch cocks and more like other stories on here but it is 100% true and genuine.

I have mentioned before about maybe if I somehow get the wife to have a sensual massage would allow her to drop her guard and in-securities a little bit, recently while I’m either fucking her or touching her I have talked dirty to her about me getting her a professional massage that would cover her entire body.

When fingering her I now use 2 fingers rubbing the front wall of her pussy on her G-spot that has led to some intense orgasms and squirting, and while doing this I have said this is how your massage would end and you will be desperate for me to fuck you later. I have said do you want a professional massage and she has said yes although this while she is building up to her cum.

I’m going to ask her outside of the bedroom at some point soon and I’m not interested in cuckold in any way and don’t want any massage if I’m not present to end in fucking, but during the dirty talk I’ve said about her touching his cock and his erection brushing against her which she seemed to like.

Other things I’ve described to her is that she is naked under a towel and the massage covers her whole body with his hands only brushing against her pussy and nipples at first leaving her dripping wet. She loves her nipples squeezed and I said to her this is how the sensual part of the massage begins.

The other night though after having a drink she asked me to cum over her clit and after some encouragement admitted she wanted me to then lick her to orgasm. After making a mess of her pussy as I took my time I started to lick her obviously tasting my own cum.

We have a realistic 6-inch dildo from Love honey that I often use on her and I asked if she wanted her other cock and she quickly said yes, so I made her cum by licking her clit and fucking her with her other cock, which is longer and thicker than me and was the first thing that ever made her squirt at least with me.

I know this is dragging on and not as exciting as some of the other adventures on here but as I said is genuine, but my wife has often been shy about her likes and dislikes when it comes to sex including her past even though I often say that nothing she could say would make me love her any less.