Written by Claire

30 Sep 2008

Hi,My names Claire i\'m 35 and live with my boyfriend Baz who is also 35,i\'m 5\'6\'\' size 8 and i have long dark hair.Me and my boyfriend use this site for cam fun only we have never met anyone off this site and we do not intend to,that said Baz did cheat on me with someone off this site once but we have stayed together.

We have been going out together with two other couples for a few years now but nothing sexual has happened as Baz,Mark and Dave (the lads) have been friends before they met us girls.Me,Dave and his girlfriend are the smokers in the group the others do not smoke,and with the smoking ban us three used to go out side together for a smoke.About two months after the smoking ban started Dave split with his girlfriend so just me and him used to stand outside smoking.

The day after Dave split with his girlfriend me and Baz was talking about it and Baz said his ex girlfriend would have trouble finding someone with a cock as big as Daves,I didn\'t know Dave had a big cock so i asked how he knew,Baz said he has not seen his cock erect but he had seen it soft in the showers after they played football together.

Things carried on the same after that me and Dave still used to go outside together for a smoke but i was always looking for a tell tale sign that he was big but could never tell if he was or not and it was driving me mad,Baz has a six and a half inch cock and i have never seen or had a bigger cock than his,well i have seen one but only in porn movies.

About three months later me and Dave were outside having a smoke and Dave was moaning about not having a girlfriend,i decided that if i wanted to know if he had a big cock now was probably the only chance i would get to ask him as Baz was inside the pub.I surprised myself by saying to him if his cock was as big as Baz said it was he would not be single for long.Dave looked surprised at my comment but i just laughed and asked if it was true,Dave just said i have been told that its big by ex girlfriends.I did not want to lose the moment so i got even braver and said let me see it and i\'ll tell you if its big or not,Dave looked even more surprised but said its a bit one sided as he was the only one showing something.This i did not expect and the only thing i could say was if you show me your cock i will show him my tits,Dave could not belive his luck and said ok but where could we show each other.I said lets go around the back of the pub its quieter there.

We went round the back of the pub and Dave said you first so i undid my coat and blouse and pulled my tits out of the bra,Dave had a big smile on his face,then i said your turn.Dave pulled his zip down and pulled out his cock,i could not belive the size of it,his cock was bigger than Baz\'s and it was not even erect it was about seven inches long very thick but the thing that surprised me most was the big thick veins all around it they were as thick as boot laces,the look on my face must have gave the game away because Dave said i take you think its big all i could say was fuck yes Dave replied well there making you nipples hard,i looked looked down and my nipples were hard and i had not even touched them.Dave then said lets go back inside before someone notices were gone,Dave put his cock back inside his jeans and as i pulled my bra back over my boobs Dave said nice bra,the bra was satin and i said do you like it Dave replied that he loved satin lingerie then we went back inside.

Since that happened i could not stop thinking about his cock and how big it was,even when Baz fucked me i thought about Daves cock fucking me and i would always have an intense orgasm and that was rare for me to cum during intercourse.

As the weeks went by me and Dave would joke and talk when we went for a smoke and i found myself fancying Dave more and more,although he never showed me his cock again i knew i wanted him to fuck me and one week when we were talking i came right out with it and told him,he said if you can get Baz out the way for one night he would like to fuck me also.

A couple of months later luck played into our hands,one of baz\'s mates from work was getting married and his stag do was a weekend in Amsterdam.Dave was not going because the guy getting married was Baz\'s work friend and Dave did not know him,so me and Dave arranged to meet at my house on the friday baz went away.

On the arranged friday Baz left early for his flight so i had all day to get ready as Dave would not be at our house till about seven thirty.I had a long soak in the bath and resisted playing with myself,i shaved my pussy (i always shave down there so Baz would not be know i shaved it smooth for Dave)and i also remembered that Dave liked satin lingerie so i wore a satin nightie,a satin thong and stockings and suspenders and i covered it all with a satin robe.

At seven thirty Daved turned up with a bottle of wine and when he saw me his eyes were out on stalks and he could not keep his hands off me so i grabbed two glasses and we headed straight up to the bedroom,i told Dave to get undressed and get into bed as i poured us both a glass of wine,i watched as he removed his trousers and he had a massive tent in his underpants when he pulled his pants off i nearly dropped the wine bottle,his cock was erect and i guess he must have been about nine inches long,very thick and the veins stuck out even more.

I took of my robe and we both lay on the bed and started kissing.he must have liked what i was wearing as his hands were all over me but he never removed my lingerie he just kept rubbing me all over,i reached for his cock and it seemed even bigger my fingers just about touch all the way around it.Daves hand was rubbing my satin covered pussy and he remarked on how wet i was,then he pulled them to one side and pushed a finger deep inside me,this was too much for me and i came for the first time all over his fingers.

I slid down his body and came face to face with his big cock,i pulled the foreskin back and there was a bead of pre-cum on the end of it,i licked it off then tried to get as much of his cock in my mouth as i could ,i could not get it all in because it was too wide i could also feel the thick veins as it sunk slowly into my mouth.

As i sucked him off i moved around so we were in the sixty nine position and as soon as his tounge touched me i came again Dave must have known i was cumming because he kept tonging me faster which just caused me to cum again and again,i continued to suck him which was not easy as i seamed to be having one orgasm after another and then Dave said i am going to cum and he exploded in my mouth,there was a lot of it too and i just about maneged to swallow most of it.

I did not want to stop sucking it after all you do not get a cock this big and beutiful to play with every day and Dave surprised me too as he did not go soft he stayed rock hard.I lay on my back and Dave got between my legs and started rubbing the outside of my pussy and clit with the head of his cock which was making me cum again.Then Dave put his cock at the entrance of my pussy he pushed in slowly and my pussy opened to allow it in.I could feel every vein rubbing against my pussy as he pushed more and more in and there was no resistense as i was so wet.when he was half way in Dave pulled his cock back then forward again pushing a bit more in every time.He was streching me wide open but it felt fantastic and i could feel my self building to another orgasm,he pushed in and out two more times but only half his cock was inside me then my orgasm hit me,first one then another,i was thrashing about under Dave but he did not cum.I just could not stop cumming and you could feel the wetness between our bodies but Dave kept moving in and out but only pushing about half his lengh in me.

When i got used to half his cock being up me the orgasms subsided,i put my legs around his waist and said fuck me with it all and he started pushing more and more in,the more he pushed in the more i cum until eventualy he was completly in me all the way.I have never felt so full and sretched in all my life and i could feel the head of his cock touching the entrance to my womb.Dave then held me fully impayaled on his cock just moving in and out about an inch at a time.i could feel another orgasm on its way so i told Dave to fuck me hard.Dave speeded up fucking me with his entire length pulling it almost out and then pushing it all up me i started to orgasm uncontrolably but he just kept pounding away and i lost count of the number of orgasms that were ripping through my body,then i just lost it as one huge orgamsm shot through me Dave said he was going to cum,i just screamed yes yes fuck me,cum in me make me pregnent give it to yes yes yes oh fuch and another orgasm raced through me as i felt his hot cum shot into me.

We lay motionless for ten minites Dave on top of me with his cock still up me while we got our breath back,then Dave whispered in my ear you are the dirtiest sexiest greediest fuck i have ever had and i loved it and i smiled to myself and whispered back you too and we kissed.

Dave did not go home until sunday afternoon and that was only because Baz was due home sunday night.I lost count of the number of times we fucked but Dave must of cum up me over ten times i know he came in my mouth 4 times and it was impossible to count the number of times i cum.

I still fuck Dave when i can at his house and i do not intend to give it up.