Written by ivan smith

19 May 2011

My wife's birthday was coming up and i thought i'd pamper her a little bit, i arranged a photo shoot at a local photographers, cost me £100 but the end results were supposed to be promising.

Both of us went to the studio and all started off very professionally; she'd already had her make up done earlier that morning and had a haircut so she was looking pretty good anyway; the photographer was quite a bit younger than us, i'm 52 and she's 53, he was about 25 i guess.

I settled down in a chair as he got to work (so to speak); she was wearing a business suit as i've always found that really sexy looking without being obvious; an inocuous looking blouse underneath...perfect.........

After about 10 minutes of clicking away the photographer said, "listen, don't mean to be forward but all this is a bit tame don't you think?"

"What are you suggesting?" i asked.

"Oh, nothing rude, just a bit more flesh showing perhaps?" he suggested.

I looked at my wife and she nodded in agreement.

She undid the suit jacket and then the top three buttons of her blouse; as she did so the lacy side of her black bra came into view with her cleavage starting to be displayed.

"Is this better?" she asked.

"Definitely" was the reply.

I noticed the young photographer had a hard on and i wondered where this might end up.

"That's good" he said, " but maybe we can do a little more?"

My wife stood up and took the jacket off and let it fall to the ground, she unbuttoned the blouse further and revealed her lovely breasts, " how's this then boys?" she asked.

Without waiting for a reply she turned her back to us and slipped the blouse off totally and then began to undo the zip on her pencil skirt.

The photographer was still snapping away, the bulge in his trousers even more eveident now.

Slipping the skirt to the floor she stood there in a lacy thong and suspenders, she bent right over displaying her gorgeous arse.

By now i also had a hard on and looked at the young man and winked......"you know what we have to do don't you?"

He gulped and replied, "Really, you mean......"

"Yes, go on, fuck the ass off her now."

He didn't need asking twice and quickly dropped his trousers and grabbed her from behind and pumped his huge cock into her..........i picked up the camera and took the pictures i needed...................and that's how i got the divorce through and kept the house.....adulterous bitch!