Written by casual_fun

16 May 2011

Went to the car park off the park in London around 2330 hrs. Since it was my first time going to the spot (having read the reviews I was expecting to get lucky) I was a bit nervous. I am a straight male. I was hoping to watch some couple in action and if it was my lucky night, maybe get an invite to join (though I have to admit my luck is as good as seeing the Pope perform rap music). I don't think single women go dogging or maybe I'm completely wrong about this! (this should tell you I'm a green horn if you had missed the hint earlier) I've only been interested in dogging a few months now.

But to my disappointment (agreed I was "expecting" to see what I wanted to watch rather than what I could get to watch) this was what I experienced.

I didn't go there by car, infact i walked. (Yes, I'm that foolish. Some may say desperate but I was well aware of what might happen, I went through for the thrill of it (yeah, I'm mad, I can hear you say)). Anyways,

As I reached the car park, I walked across the entrance to view the area before I go in. There was 4 cars. So I walked a few feet and found a path that lead towards the car park through the bushes. I went near a big tree to take up my position and hide from the view of anyone in the car, so I don't unnerve them. Of course I wanted some couple/lady to spot me and maybe invite me but I didn't want to rush. Within a minute of me taking my position I saw someone movement towards me, as I saw the figure approach towards me, my heart raced at the speed of light. Since it was almost a full moon, it was not utterly dark.

I saw this 6ft 3', broad figure in dreadlocks ask me "Are you looking for some company mate?" in a soft of a Caribbean accent (that's my best guess). I replied with my palm now precipitating and my mouth so dry, "No, mate I'm not looking for company, not a male company atleast." I was thinking this should be the end of it as my heart was now racing even faster than the speed of light. But to my utter shock/ heart stopping moment, he made a motion towards me and asked "Are you sure mate?" I know (now) that was harmless; maybe the gentleman could see the fact that I was just about to piss myself in my trousers and wanted to make sure I knew what was coming out of my mouth and asked that question but that was not a moment I could comprehend something like answering a question. I blurred "I think I'm sure." He left quietly.

That was the best time for me to accept that I was a limp d!@k and race to the safety of my bed but I decided to stay. When I could gather myself, I looked around and saw that there was a path leading further away from the road and the car park and towards the dense growth. The moonlight was bright enough to see the path was leading towards a clear area though there were trees on both sides of the pathway. I still was not brave to approach the cars, even the couple of cars right in front of me (I think the gentle man who approached me should have come from one of the cars parked close to me).

I moved away from the spot and went directly opposite the entrance to take a different spot hiding behind a bush. I though I heard a woman's voice behind me and turned back. I didn't see anyone. Few seconds later, thought I heard some footsteps but couldn't see anyone. I don't believe in ghosts, so I was sure I wasn't going to blackout though I didn't give a second thought to a heart attack (which was very much a possibility, now I think of it ). But after sometime of more voices and I saw a couple walking with a dog. I was so excited that I would have jumped on them both and kissed them all over for just having seen a man and a woman (maybe their dog may have had different idea if he/she had seen my running towards them). I was so excited I started to plan what to do when I get the invite from them to join them. But to my disappointment they put the dog in the car and just drove away.

Since I wasn't brave enough to go anywhere near the cars, I decided to venture into the bushes keeping the moonlight as company/security (security meaning I could run like hell if I happen to be approached again by someone). As I walked past the trees, I saw a empty piece of land covered only in grass (that's how I like to think. No used condoms, no one ready to pounce on me and tie me up and do some naughty pleasures on me). This piece of space was like a oval lined by trees on the perimeter and thick tall bushes and tree in the middle. I decided to walk till the middle hoping to find a couple in action and watch them, no gays (I'm not homophobic, I just don't find it attractive) and if I don't find anyone to return to my spot near the car park.

I've already mentioned how lucky I was, so I went back to my spot. As I walked back to my spot, I saw the gentleman who approached me, walk into the woods a little away from me.

I guess I'll stop here for now as I'm really tired and have to sleep. If anyone is still alive and interested in finding out more I'll be happy to tell you the rest of my adventure from the night. I can honestly say you have no life if you want to read more of my meaningless babble here. But I respect your courage and show to the world that you ain't a quitter in the face of a colossal meaningless rubbish.