Written by Deano

31 Aug 2017

My first shot at posting my escapades described my fun with a married neighbour. This has continued for nearly 10 years now. We are very careful how we conduct ourselves but sometimes we do take the odd risk! You all know male and female if the juices are flowing that's what happens.

Well we have just spent seven days together with our respective partners in the sun in a villa. We had talked previously of how we could have some fun and decided that we would do what was needed! Both of our partners are very observant people so we knew that it was going to be tough.

Well low and behold the very first night we arrived in Spain we went out for a meal all over indulged in alcohol. Arriving back at the villa my partner goes straight to bed and out for the count! My over was sat in between me and her hubby on the couch . He soon fell into asleep and I was stroking her legs while watching tv. She reached over and squeezed my cock through my shorts, things quickly developed and I unzipped m shorts and took out my cock which was leaking pre cum heavily. She rubbed this on her fingers and licked it off. Well after a few minutes had passed I needed to get to her pussy. I gestured with my head we should go onto the terrace! She got up went through to the kitchen and lifted her dress and removed her knickers. I opened the door and she followed me out. We knew it was risky but she was horny and needed to cum . I squeezed her big tits as I frantically kissed her, while listening for any movement from inside the villa! My hand went up her dress till I could get to her wet pussy, She won't shave it even tho I asked she said her hubby would wonder why she has suddenly done it! He is somewhat older than her and she says her love life is now only hit and miss. But as I have been fucking her for ten years she is getting some fun! Her clit is really pronounced and hard and I can make her cum quickly giving it the right attention. Which is what I did I couldn't fuck her it was to risky. When she is about to cum she always asks me if she can cum which is so sexy, tonight was no different as she spasm end through her orgasm. She knows what she needs to do now she's finished cumming and goes down to suck my cock while wanking it at the same time. I normally take a while to cum even with her great talents at sucking cock. Ever mindful other are inside I managed to grip the back of her head and push my cock further into her mouth wher it spews out my cum never to see the light of day as she always swallows what ever I can give her. No time to bathe in the after glow the door opens and my partner walks out asking if I was coming to bed...........

We had two other chances once more on the terrace before every one got up in the morning and once looking out of the window so we could see our partners laid around the pool while she got another mouthful of my spunk. Other stories if you guys like real stuff not fiction of 44dd and 10 inch cocks..... But Sneeky feels of pussy and cock and making her go to toilet and take her knickers off and show me her pussy! Shame we were not here alone I would have run her ragged... But I will see her when I get home as they left today!!