Written by Anonymous

24 Jun 2019

I do not normally sift through rubbish bins but I thought I had to tell someone about this. In the top of a public waste bin I found a clean looking bright blue scrap of material. The bin was near a picnic area just off a main road. The fact that it was not hidden, the time was approaching lunch hour,I was just disposing of my coffee cup as you do, and this piece of cloth intrigued me. Picking it out I saw it had been cut, not torn, but on closer inspection, I reassembled it and found it was a pair of ladies shorts. they had been neatly severed down the sides and the crutch area similarly scissored through leaving them in half. After a closer look, some staining of the crotch was evident. I speculated on how and why these perfectly good shorts had suddenly been dissected and came up with a cock stretching conclusion.

That night at home I knew I would love to get my wife in a pair of shorts similar to these and somehow do a re-enactment in the same area, as close as I could to the discovery. I knew a bit of careful planning would help me so I decided to keep quiet and put a plan into action. Luckily we are broadminded and the chance of an outdoor experience would be considered as long as it was not pure dogging which she finds a bit too contrived (yes, funny I know but if the lady does not agree .......).

So a few nights later I was watching sport in a local pub when an old friend dropped by. Not seen him since a funeral of a colleague three years ago but he slid into my plans immediately as he had fucked my wife before several years before. I told Pete about the shorts and he was all ears. I told him my plan and he said he would be free any time as his wife worked nights at a care home. That was the clincher. I had identified the shorts on line and had merely to order and pay to get them next day. I managed to do that on my phone as I knew the size, price and everything.

The parcel came next day, the mighty river delivered on time and they were perfect. Now to get my wife in on the plan with just the detail of who was going to be there kept as a surprise which I was confident she would love. When she got home I had laid the shorts on the bed, the weather had been kind and I had left a note saying we were going somewhere and she was to wear the shorts and get ready for fun. She knew what that meant. A different cock to mine was going to invade her body that night. i had prepared the car, hiding some soft rope in the boot and a blanket in case it was needed.

I told Pete to be at the destination for dusk and suggested he brought some good scissors. Crisis came when he said he could not find a decent pair and so I drove to a supermarket to buy some and then delivered them to him. He was already excited and wore his normal wide grin as I revealed the plan as it stood and I said that timing needed to be perfect. He was to park his car in a field entrance, where it was impossible to be seen coming from my direction of travel.

Back home I heard Liz in the bedroom and she called down that she was almost ready. Time was moving on but I knew there was enough time to fix her a nice strong drink (always eases her nerves). She still had no idea Pete was going to be there but she was on edge and her voice faltered occasionally. Drink downstairs and then my lovely lady appearing in the doorway. I was transfixed by the shorts and I gave a deep sigh of approval as I saw her cameltoe bulging provocatively. A white strapless top, elasticated across her generous bust allowing cleavage to allure whoever she was alluring. Slip on shoes with a small heel and she looked stunning. Hair looked ready for some stiffening solution maybe and her red lipstick looked ready for transferring to a generous cock. I glanced at the clock, not wanting to give anything away. I went to the loo and sent Pete a text that we were getting to the car, his signal to get driving.

Our journey was around forty minutes and Liz sat back and played some music and chatted, asking where we were going. I now told her and she did not make any comment, her silence sort of giving me doubts. No worries, my plans were working well and the evening sky was breeze free so any stripping of clothes would not be a chilly affair. We arrived and as I pulled in I saw the bonnet of Pete's car partly hidden by a hedge. We drew to a halt and I said how perfect she looked, her bum as lovely as Kylie's in those gold shorts. She looked at me and I kissed her and suggested we got out of the car. Her door opened and I emerged from mine then I went to the boot and removed the blanket with the rope hidden inside it. Car locked and nobody else around, I guided her to a picnic table, lay the blanket down and opened it. She saw the rope and her eyes widened and a knowing grin drifted across her face. 'Oh yes, what is that for?' she asked. I said I had an idea and doubled the rope and put it round her waist, then walked her to a tree in a glade close to the picnic bench. I took her wrists and tied her with her hands behind the tree, making sure they were tight enough to not hurt her or loose enough to drop off, several feet of rope remained unused so I looped it at the back of the tree round a cut limb.

I saw Pete behind her in the trees as arranged and I tugged the top down to expose her breasts, the nipples told the story of her anticipation, stiff and lovely, I kissed them both and then touched her cunt over the shorts, then I began to walk away saying I would not be long. She saw me walk to the car. I got in and started it and drove off, stopping about fifty yards away round a bend. Then got out and ran back to watch. I sent Pete the text to go for it and saw Liz jump as he emerged from the trees to her right. Pete did the perfect job. I saw him speaking to her but his voice was low, then he felt her breasts as I did and then produced the scissors, feeling round the shorts and laughing. He inspected the rope and while out of her sight, he got his cock out and gave a few strokes to get it rampant, then walked slowly round to one side and cut the shorts down from waistband to thigh severing the right leg, then slowly again repeated with the left leg. The shorts remained sort of intact but her bum was against the tree and her cunt gripped the gusset. His fingers went between her willing legs as she allowed him to touch her and with her thighs parted, he pulled the crutch forwards and then cut through the material, then pulled them away.

I was proud that my now naked wife had allowed this invasion of her body but knew the best was yet to come. Pete this time cut her top away and as she was without any underwear, she was naked and had nothing to go home in. She protested later but did not spoil the moment as he fingered her deeply, unable to resist. This was fabulous as he brought her close to cumming a few times and took his time before undoing the rope and taking her naked to the picnic table, his cock large and proud and ready to fill her.

Now free of her clothes and ties, she kissed with him and I joined them as she sucked his cock for the first time in years. They enjoyed the feel of their bodies close together and his cock tasted as good as it ever did. I said thenks to Pete for being a great rapist and she reminded him he needed to finish the job as she reclined on the table, her feet on the seat and legs wide apart. Watching his cock go deep in her again was like turning the clock back and though they fucked for a nice time and came more or less together while i took pictures, it was not as long lasting as in the old days, but who is to complain when the ability to have so much free fun was still capable at an age when most folk are retiring to bed at eight o'clock with a frustrated shrivelled up and unused cock. I took the opportunity to give her a few strokes of my prick and came too soon. The drive home was interesting to say the least and a lorry driver got an inevitable eyefull as her clothes were dispensed of in the same rubbish bin, but wore the stains of the cum she had wiped from her pussy before we set off.