Written by Blue Leader

19 Jun 2014

Let me tell you about Snow White. When I was in the RAF I was posted to a place called Digby in Lincolnshire in the late 90s. Although it was an RAF station there were quite few Army there too. I had a mate there, Daz, and during the first few days he filled me in on what the place was like and obviously the conversation turned to women. He said there were a lot of decent single girls and like most military places some wives up for it too. He mentioned an Army Corporal he knew, let’s call her Vicky, not her real name. She was married but the word was she was a bit of a nympho. He told me that a few weeks ago he was outside a pub with a couple of civvy lads he played Rugby with and she was inside with her husband and someone else. She came outside on her own and started talking and flirting with them and kept rubbing up close to them. She had a thin top on and her nipples were bursting out of the top. They all kept brushing against her, eventually quite blatantly touching her tits and nipples and she didn’t try and stop them despite people coming and going in the car park. She went back inside but later came back, sat down and leaned back with her legs open. They could see straight up her skirt. She wasn’t wearing pants and she sat there as they all stared at her cunt. He said she must have done it on purpose, she knew they were looking and made no attempt to move position or say anything about it. After about 5 minutes her husband and his mate appeared and she stood up and all three of them walked off together. Daz said he’d heard she could be persuaded to do just about anything and he was going to try and fuck her because her husband was away on a posting overseas for a few months.

Shortly afterwards there was a big piss up one weekend. By early evening there were lots of people there. The drink was flowing and as it was a nice evening most people were sitting outside. A mixed group turned up and my mate pointed out a girl with them and said it was that Vicky that he’d told me about. I looked at her and she was very attractive with dark hair and a nice figure and probably only about 21. I was expecting a chubby plain girl and I said I couldn’t believe what he’d told me because she was really fit. Daz said, “I know, unbelievable isn’t it, just imagine what she’ll be like now her hubby’s away”. He said quite a few people would be falling over themselves to have a go at her.

I was the new boy and Daz introduced me to others. We’d been there a couple of hours now and it was around half seven. I noticed Vicky had been talking and laughing with a few people but now she was standing with Daz near the bar. I went and joined some others nearby and after a few minutes Vicky suddenly walked away. I remarked that he seemed to be well in with her. He nodded and replied that she was pissed and he’d mentioned he’d enjoyed looking at her fanny the other week. She pretended to be shocked and said she didn’t remember and certainly hadn’t done it on purpose. He’d told her that he’d been thinking about it ever since and he’d love to fuck the arse off her but it was shame she was married. She giggled a bit then said “who’d find out”. He asked her if that meant she was up for it and she said it depended what he was going to do to her so he told her in great detail. He said she seemed turned on and was shaking a bit and he said let's go back to his room now but she said “It’s too risky, people might see us”. He insisted they wouldn’t and told her to finish her drink and wait over the road for him. He was surprised when she didn’t say anything and just walked off. He said he was going now and hopefully she’d be waiting like he’d told her. About half an hour later I saw her walk back in and sit down with her friends as though nothing had happened and Daz came back too and we asked him how it had been. He said he’d got her clothes off straight away and she was on heat. She’d given him a great blow job and he said he’d had her on her back on all fours and on top. We laughed when he told us she had massive cunt lips that looked like elephant’s ears. He said he was glad he got in there first because she was in a dirty mood and he probably wouldn’t be the only one to shag her tonight. He said she did what she was told and if someone tried it on and flattered her she’d definitely get her knickers off.

I was enjoying the evening. It was getting later and a lot of people had left but it was still a good atmosphere. I went to the toilet and some lads were standing around and one was lying on the floor looking under a cubicle door. One of them whispered to me that there was a bird in there with a couple of lads. I got down but I couldn’t see much except legs, although it was obvious a girl was sat sucking off a couple of blokes who were standing with their jeans down in front of her. A couple of minutes later the guy who was on the floor at the time stood up and whispered they’d finished so we slipped away and stood at the bar keeping an eye on the corridor. I’ve no idea if they’d both jizzed in her mouth, I hope so. A guy came out, gave the all clear and the girl dashed quickly into the Ladies toilets next door. It was Vicky. We went back to the bar and the two lads walked past us. One of them went straight back to and sit down with his wife! A couple of minutes later the ladies toilet door opened and Vicky appeared. She walked back into the room looking straight ahead and innocently went to sit with her friends again. I remember thinking what kind of a place had I come to. I kept looking over at her wondering what she was like, was she just a dirty bitch or was she drunk or a bit of both. It certainly took some bottle to do that in the men’s toilets.

At around midnight and an officer came to shut the bar but said we could finish our drinks outside. Most people had drifted away and Vicky wasn’t around so I presumed she’d left with her friends or some lucky sod had taken her home. I was with two lads I’d only met that evening. We sat at a table and there were one or two others still sat around the garden. One of the lads went round the back of the building to have a piss and started waving at us to go over. There was a narrow pathway between two buildings and there was Vicky bent over holding onto a window ledge with her jeans round her ankles as some bloke rattled away at her from behind holding on to her hips and we could see her little tits bouncing from side to side. We peered round the edge of the wall quite close to them as he fucked her. None of us knew who the bloke was but one of the lads said he thought he was a Sergeant. When he finished he zipped his pants up then walked away without saying anything, he just left her there bent over. She had difficulty pushing herself up from the ledge but eventually she managed it then squatted down and put her fingers in her fanny, scooped out what she could before wiping her hand on the grass and then had she had a massive piss. That was bit of a turn on to be honest. She looked a bit dishevelled, her blouse was open and her bra undone. She stood up and pulled her jeans up and as she struggled to fasten her bra and tuck her shirt in we went and sat down. I felt a bit sorry for her just being left like that to sort herself out.

We thought that would be the last we saw of her but then she emerged from behind the building looking a bit lost. One of the lads shouted Hi and she looked at us then came over. We asked if she was OK and where she’d suddenly come from. She said she’d been talking to some friends who’d gone the other way. She didn’t know any of us but sat down anyway. We chatted and smoked for a bit, she seemed a really nice girl but pretty drunk. She told us she lived about 5 miles away and would have to call a taxi but one of the lads said he’d only had a couple of drinks and offered to drive. The other lad and me jumped in the car too. We got to her house and as she got out of the car and we asked if she was going to invite us in for a drink. She thought about it and looked like she was going to say no but she said OK as long as it was just for one drink and we couldn’t stay long because she was tired.

She got some drinks then went upstairs to the bathroom. We heard the tap running for quite a while so she was presumably cleaning herself up. We discussed whether to try it on with her and we all agreed we’d give it a go but we didn’t really know how to approach it. When she came down she’d changed into tracksuit trousers and a sweatshirt. We chatted and joked, had a bit of a laugh, talked about work, where we’d been and people we knew. She seemed to have a responsible job and was quite clever. Her husband was never mentioned. I liked her, she wasn’t anything like I’d imagined and she was really pretty but she also seemed a little sad. We started telling her how sexy she was, how good she looked and started flirting with her, she giggled a bit too at some of the things we said and we carried on with innuendos and comments and touching her arms and legs as we talked. The talk had gravitated to sex and she asked us a few questions about things we’d each done and fantasies and she seemed to like that. When we asked her stuff about herself she giggled and got shy and wouldn’t answer. Someone asked when she’d last had sex and she laughed and said “God knows”. I looked at my watch and felt like saying it was about an hour and a half ago love! The talk got ruder and more personal including how she must be a good shag.

She went quiet. We asked if she was offended and she said, “No, if I was offended I’d have kicked you out”. For some reason we took that as a signal and suddenly one of the guys pushed her back on the sofa and put his hands on her tits and tried to kiss her. We all joined in and pulled at her clothes. She wriggled a bit but didn’t say anything. We stood round her and pulled her bottoms down and her top over her head. She wasn’t wearing underwear and had stopped moving now and just lay there. She had a lovely figure, slim with nice little boobs and chunky nipples which were soon being sucked and squeezed. She slid down so her bum was hanging off the edge of the sofa and we held her slim legs open high and wide. Her fanny was there right in front of us and I could see what that lad meant about elephant’s ears, she did have big cunt lips but they looked sexy and he’d exaggerated a bit. This was pre-Brazilian days and her pubic hair was trimmed into a neat triangle and she’d shaved the inside of her thighs but it was still bushy and thick and dark not like some wispy pubes you see, and hair framed her pussy lips and ran down her bum crack which was pretty hairy too. I thought she’d tell us to stop but she didn’t although she made one half hearted attempt to close her legs. We ignored her and I gently prised her lips open with my fingers. Her fanny looked a little red but it was clean as a whistle after she’d washed it and glistening too. We all had our fingers in and out of her. Somebody opened her lips even further and her clitoris popped out. Forget her cunt lips being big her clit was also larger than others I’d seen; a nice shiny pink button. One of the lads rolled it between his fingers and rubbed it. That really made her squirm, it was like a scene from the exorcist as she raised her bum off the sofa and let out a deep moan. Fingers were all over her fanny and clit now and she certainly wasn’t still anymore. We held her legs almost over her shoulders and we could see every fold of her pussy and every small wrinkle on her dark little bum hole that kept twitching as she clenched her buttocks. Everything was exposed and I don’t think I’ve seen a fanny and arse so open at such close quarters. She knew that she was about to be fucked and whispered softly, “Can I go upstairs and you take it in turns to come up”. We said we yes and to be honest I wasn’t bothered because I’d never done it with someone else there so was a bit nervous anyway. We helped her up from the sofa and she walked towards the staircase.

I went first following her upstairs with her little arse in front of my face. She lay on the bed, the light was off but there was enough light from the landing to see everything clearly. I started to kiss her boobs and finger her but she said, “I am too tired for all that can’t you just shag me”. She wanted me to use a johnny but I hadn’t got one so she told me not to come in her. I asked her what position she liked best and she said it was up to me. I lifted her legs open, got on top of her, pushed my cock inside her very easily and started to fuck her. Her cunt was tight and warm. She never said a word; she just lay there making a little grunt each time I pushed into her. I fucked her harder and I was quicker than I wanted, she could sense I was coming and reminded me to pull out. I was going to wank over her tits but instead I knelt close to her face and put my cock against her mouth. She turned her head away and tried to resist but I pulled her head firmly towards me and forced my cock against her lips and pushed the tip inside as I wanked off. She was gagging and I came almost immediately. She lifted her head up spluttering with spunk dribbling out of her mouth and she wiped it with a blouse that was lying on the bed. She’d had to swallow a fair bit of it though. She didn’t say anything as I left the room and went downstairs. The other two then took it in turns to go up until all three of us had been.

It was probably 20 minutes in total. We sat downstairs and finished our drinks. A few minutes later Vicky came down still completely naked and looking every inch someone that had just been fucked. She said, “I thought you’d have already gone”. She picked her clothes up off the floor and sat next to me as she put them on. Semen was on the inside of her thighs where she hadn’t wiped at all off so one of the other two had obviously come inside her. Her skin and face were red and as she lay back to pull her bottoms on we could see her pussy lips were spread out with a bright red slit and hole gaping, but then it had been fucked five times over the past few hours. She sat quietly and took a gulp of wine and lit a cigarette. We thanked her and said it had been brilliant and she said, “I am sorry I wasn’t very good, I am too tired”. We asked if we could come round again when she wasn’t so tired. She shrugged her shoulders and said, “I doubt it. I can’t even remember your names. I am pissed, I invited you in and you got lucky”. We said she could have said no but she said “Why? I am not complaining. You wanted to shag me, you’ve been nice to me and you seem to like me”. We asked her if she’d enjoyed it and she said, “I suppose so”. Then she said, “Please don’t say anything to anyone”. We promised not to say anything then left. All of us had experienced the same thing. She just lay there and let us fuck her. One of the lads said when he turned her over to do her from behind she thought he was going to put it up her arse and said, “Don’t do it too hard in my bum”. He said he didn’t anyway but she obviously doesn’t mind it judging from that comment. I actually liked her, she seemed a nice person, she was pretty and she had a great figure although a little bit on the thin side for me.

I saw Daz on the Monday and told him about it. He said she’d called in sick that morning and we joked it was spunk poisoning or a sore fanny. He told me not to tell anyone because if too many knew and the bosses got to hear she might get in trouble and stop. The next time I saw her in the bar, she was pleasant enough but I swear she hadn’t got a clue who I was. I saw her walking around in her uniform over the next year or so but nothing else happened. I heard she was still happily putting it about though.

Fair play to her, it was a good effort that night. Fucked by five different guys and she sucked off another two. Seven guys in one night, that’s why we called her Snow White.