Written by John_B

8 Mar 2018

You may have read my previous stories of Fiona and our extra marital sex. Some call it cuckholding but basically Fiona is having an affair with my permission and comes home to tell me everything and has even stayed overnight with Duncan. It started a few years ago with one night stands where I wanted Fiona to have sex with other guys and after she agreed we would go to clubs and she would pick out a guy she fancied although she never wants me to be there, I know her powers of seduction so I’m best leaving her what she is good at. It has progressed from those one night stands to a full affair with Duncan who she met at a Xmas night in Stirling.

It has even progressed now to me wearing a chastity cock cage while Fiona is away, partly due to if I orgasm I lose interest and after she has perhaps gone to the effort of pulling a guy and setting up another meet. We are a close couple but no matter how close once you know your wife is off to basically have sex with another guy the time is long and slow.

The longest I’d gone in the chastity cage was from about 5pm to around 11am next day when Fiona had an overnight and we agreed that would be max. Our sex when she returns is electric as she tells me everything they did.

Last week though we had an issue, Fiona was going to Duncan’s on Tuesday evening and had agreed to stay over, we did the usual in that I helped her get dressed and she had already requested teasingly I put on the cock cage and give her the keys. She was putting on a short pleated skirt and white satin blouse with holdups but no bra or pants, I could feel the blood pumping to my cock but with the cage there is no hardon. When she was almost ready to leave I asked was I getting any fun and she opened her blouse and said I could have 30 seconds sucking her nipples. Fiona then sets the timer on her phone and I get 30 seconds then she pulls away. I may have mentioned in the past once Fiona’s nipples are hard it can take days for them to go down, something Duncan has observed and is very turned on with.

Fiona left for her night with Duncan and I set about keeping myself occupied and at about 8 decided to have a good few beers so I’d fall asleep and awake when Fiona was due back in the morning. She had said she would be back around 9 in the morning. I must have fallen asleep around 11 with some text contact from Fiona saying goodnight, nothing that would raise suspicion with Duncan if he caught sight as he does not know I know. Duncan is a fireman and was on his days off. He lives near the city and we are in a small village in the countryside.

I awoke in the morning around 8.30 thinking those beers worked that I wasn’t counting the hours awake waiting on Fi returning home which I have done. I thought brill Fi will be home soon,then I looked at my phone and noticed loads of text messages and they were from Fiona. I immediately jumped up and opened my phone, basically there had been a significant snowfall overnight and Fiona has realised this and she had already left to try to get home but her car wouldn’t take it and had gone back to Duncan’s flat. She was in a bit of a panic.

A few hours passed and it became obvious nothing was going to move, our village by this time was practically cut off. We kept in contact by text but the best thing was that Fiona stayed put at least she was safe. She had obviously said to Duncan that she had told me she was staying at a friends so the text messages had to be like that and that she was stranded at Carol’s and was going to stay put until weather improved and she could drive.

As it turned out even though Duncan was on his days off his station called and asked if he could go in as other colleagues had been unable to travel in. My phone rang and I noticed it was Fiona and I answered, immediately Fiona made out she was at Carol’s and felt terrible she now has to stay on a little because of the weather. I played along at this side asking how everyone was at Carol’. I noticed during the call Fiona was taking a long time to answer and could hear something was going on however couldn’t ask anything too outright in the event Duncan might hear and become suspicious. The call lasted about 5 minutes with these long pauses and some strange noises.

About an hour later Fiona called again and said Duncan had had to go in to work and that she was at his flat on her own. She then told me that while she was sitting on the phone to me earlier and knowing she was going nowhere she had got back in to her satin nightie and satin gown and whilst on the phone Duncan had came over went between her legs and started to nuzzle and caress her working his way up her thighs and opening her legs and had started kissing and kicking her pussy, I then said ‘oh that explains the long pauses, Fiona teasingly said ‘I thought you’d like that. I asked if she returned the gesture and she said yes as he had got up and stood near her texting and she knelt down and started to lick his cock while still on the phone to me. She said when the call ended they made love on the floor before Duncan went for a shower and walked to his station.

It was Friday morning before Fiona returned and it was a difficult and rather unexpected three days in the cock cage but probably has prepared me as Duncan wants to take Fiona to Paris for a long weekend. We have had the most amazing time since she returned but the days were long while she was away.