Written by J

18 Dec 2010

To recap, we have know our friends Bob & Sue for 25 years and as you do when the kids have grown up you tend to spend a lot of time together...?

Kate & I had our next big night after my initial post on 17th Oct, the dinner party with Bob & Sue was as "surreal" as the first get together, we drunk and as the wine (& Champers) flowed the conversation became more erotic. after a while we were all talking about things we'd done, who with and who we'd like to go with, Kate was flirting with Bob and although I was a little flirtatious with Sue I found myself getting more and more turned on watching my friend becoming more and more closer to my wife Kate. I was in the kitchen and Kate was standing at the dinner table next to where Bob was sitting serving some drinks, I watched him put his hand up her short skirt and touch her arse, she turned to him and smiled and I could see he took that as an invite.

Later that evening Bob and Kate were on the sofa in the living room, I was in and out the room from the kitchen mainly chatting to Sue, I found myself egging Kate on, Bob had his arm aound her and although we were all extremley drunk we were aware of our surroundings, I suppose the drink was a convenient excuse and could be blamed if there were to be any regrets.

I watched from the kitchen doorway as Bob and Kate kissed passionatley, he had his hand in her top carressing her breast, her short skirt displayed the top of her stockings as he moved his hand down to her inner thigh, I was massively turned on seeing my wife with another man, unfortunatley although it had gone futher than previously my and Kates fantasy wasnt fulfilled, Sue insisted they needed to get home.....I'll keep you posted!