Written by No name

16 Jul 2013

As I told you we where alone in the lounge after Graham had gone, Susie my wife wanted me to fuck her,it had become something she seemed to enjoyed almost as much as I do

When we talked about the events of that evening, I thought I had over stepped the mark when I asked how meany time she had climaxed and she had said twice, and I said the first time

She asked how I knew that, and I told her I was listening,we had agreed to be truthful with each other and I had said I was going out which she asked me to do

I think she was at first a little surprised as I had promised to go out and she heard the front door close

In bed we discussed the situation, she wanted to know if I was still happy with the way things where going which I was, I asked if she thought she was getting to involved with Graham she assured me she wasn't she liked him and trusted him and enjoyed the sex he gave her, I brought up the point I would like to watch, she said she have to think about it and would Graham agree after all he had only jest come to terms with the fact I was her husband and I was in the house he had asked questions about me

In our conversation Susie said Graham had asked if he could take her out, I asked when she said Friday I said that's a bit short notice, I asked where she said for a meal, I pointed out its risky locally what happens if you are recognized by some one we know

I said where is he thinking of, she didn't know I said find out where first, I also asked what happens after the meal she said we would come back here I agreed as long as it was some where we don't go or our friends and family may go

The next day at lunch time Susie phoned and said where they planed to go I was happy with that, I got home my wife was upstairs getting ready, she was still up there when Graham arrived, we chatted as he waited the more I see him the more I liked him

She came down looking wonderful not that dress she warn for him last time this was one she had it was more conventional so off they when leaving me to play the waiting game

They got back about eleven, after they came in Susie said to me could I help her open a bottle of wine in the kitchen, she didn't need help, she said I talked to him he wouldn't be happy with you watching, but I leave the door open but don't come right in so he can see you, I said okay, back in the lounge after a few minutes I said I have paper work to do so I have to leave you two alone sorry about that, I waited in the kitchen, after some time I heard them going upstairs, when I got up there the bedroom door was half open, I waited a while, think I was more scared, in the end I tried to look round it they where in a 69 the problem was if he did look up he would see me, then I spotted her dressing table the mirror I eased the door open a tad more and I could see half the bed reflected in it

He did look my way after they stopped going down on each other, he got off the bed Susie moved more into the middle, that was the first time I got a look at him naked he got quite physique quite muscular, his cock was in view she was right it was quite a size and wide, he got back on the bed with her there was some snogging he back to me he got a knee over her legs which parted his legs I could see where she got all the spunk from he got a fair pare on nuts on him a real sack full

He positioned himself between her legs, my wife moved herself a little as if getting comfortable legs open, I watched as he lifted her legs as he did he moved forward she must of had hold of his cock guiding it into place her legs bent over her body now, I heard her say Graham easy OH YES he heaved forward and she went Jesus he started to move slowly at first Susie moaned a few times, as he picked up pace he pined her legs over her she couldn't really move after a few minutes the bed was banging on the wall the force of his thrusts seem to move then up the bed it was amazing to see my wife was now gasping and panting under him I saw her hand grip the sheet she mad a noise it was more like low grunt her head went from side to side then it was more like a scream she quivered and shook he been fucking for a good ten minutes flat out by then, she went quiet and seemed to relax for a few moments he keep pounding away, then she started it was a gasp then a another I thought she as in pain she was going yes yes she repeated it a number of times she then tensed and twitched, I sure he got faster he then slammed into her as deep as he could get him self his ares twitched he jerked and gasped about five times each time he jerked he was delivering his load deep inside my wife, I stood there spellbound I had also cum in my pants

I can tell when you see the sex act in the flesh it nothing like a porn movie I could also smell the sex and the faked it was my wife getting fucked well that was to much

I looked round to see where I could go if he did come out it have to one of the kids old bedrooms, they lay there together getting on for an hour I guess talking in low voices I couldn't make much out, then she started to play with his dick it looked semi stiff she started given him a blow job that did it he was erect in no time, this time he seemed to want her to get on top of him, she did she straddled him

She lifted one leg up so she was on one knee, he was holding his hard cock there seemed some difficulty getting it in her, between them it went in she let herself down on it slowly impaling herself on it she paused before rocking slowly on him she leaned back as she did that her hands when on his thighs her chest out Susie got large nipples that can get quite long but Christ they looked huge now he was fully embedded inside her as she moved on him she was getting faster, she moaned, it then looked like he started to rub she clitoris in sectioned almost she started to cum it was then she raised up I was astounded by what she did next she fucked herself like a wiled woman on his cock, till she fell forward he then took over bucking under her I think she was cumming most of the time

He almost pushed her off himself it happened very fast he got her on her knees and he fucked her from behind fucking hell did he go he didn't last long before he cum in her again

I went down stairs to the lounge it was now getting on for three o-clock when Graham came down I had the telly on low, he said goodbye and added see you soon, I rushed upstairs to find Susie on the bed she had a huge smile on her face I was almost ripping my closes off

I jumped on the bed she said well did you get your wish, I said yes I did,so you want your deserts now she said my dick was rock hard I went to lift her legs up she said no I am a bit stiff, well she been bent bubble by Graham, she spread her thighs her pussy this time looked puffy swollen a little the inner thighs look red, she let me inspect her she was looking at me and slowly parted her pussy lips with her fingers so I could see almost inside I could see the opening that was still gaping and quite open where was what looked like a white bubble in there the rest was a sticky mess of juice and his seaman, I had to push my dick in there she was still holding it open as I went in it was glorious, as I started to fuck her loose pussy she arched up to make easier it didn't take long I let go she held me tight say I love you as my hips jerked as I shot my lot it was for my benefit I know but it was lovely, this was becoming the nor,I found by turning the dressing table a little I had a good view of the bed and Graham became my wife's lover and my friend in a way but he was only at started