Written by No name

12 Jul 2013

Our appearance to the outside world, we hope is as a normal average married couple two children, both left home now a house two cars

There is one big difference my wife Susie fucks other men not behind my back she has done that in the past in faked that was how this started, she had an affair and like most things she got found out, we had both kids at school at the time, well after the upset and rows we sort of came to agreement we keep together and work things out, it soon became obvious to me she had a taste of other cock and it only be time before she want more, I suppose the good thing that came out of all the upset we both said we be honest with each other and we both stuck to that I think, we found we could talk to each other more openly or is it we could listen to each other with out going off the deep end

At the time I was quite cruise about the affair and the bloke she had it with, at first she was quite hesitant about give me the details and it did take time I think she felt it may upset me

With out going into it and being to long winded, a guy she worked with came on to her she was flattered and it started from there,I was surprised by how long it went on for almost a year the truth is I never had a claw a woman can hide things up I only got suspicious after a roamer that came from some back stabber

The thing I really want to know was as I think most husbands would,what was he like in bed and them details, to start with all she say he was okay she was very vague about that

In time I got her to open up a bit a bit at time things would come out the last thing to come out was the thing I was curious about was he well hung I gather he was very about seven niches compared to me that's well hung, once she could see I wasn't upset I got more details, she was very surprised to fine it aroused me in the end it became a bedtime thing there was also a change to sex she was a lot more up for it

Once she got to trusting me and knew she could say any thing with out it turning into a row I found out that was the third affair she had since we been married the first had been a friend of mine he shagged her twice a week for months that was before we moved here the second was her EX boss from the first place she work after we moved her

I was surprised by that as I got friendly with him and he helped a lot sorting things out with the house after we move here also he was in his late fifties the surprising thing I was told he was the best lover he had a really fat dick she worried I notice if we had sex after she been with him but it seem I didn't

That was some time ago, it was when thing changed with us as family our kids would be getting to late teens then so more independent and gave us more freedom and time to our self, we went to a wedding and I suggested we make a weekend of it stay in a hotel

We where at the resection and I had seen this young bloke eyeing Susie up in the afternoon

I commented to her he fancy you, it was a bit surprising when she said I have seen him his a bit of alright quite dishy,as the evening went on and the booze flowed he asked her to dance a couple of time, I think it was look on her face when he asked that gave her away I said go on so she got the go ahead and she knew I was okay with the dancing the second dance he was braver he was having a feel of her ares it was plain she lapped it up, I thought I wonder how far she go with me there, I made an excuse to go and mingle with other guests I knew, as soon as I had gone he was in my seat chatting her up after a time I came back, I think he wanted to leave but I said I see you two are fine would you like a drink I got them one we chatted a bit I said to Susie if I leave you two will you be alright she looked at me as if to say what do you mean she then smiled in a cheeky way and said thank you, I am sure he look after me if you want him to, my reply was I am happy with that if you are she looked at him and said I think so with a grin, as I went to go she said are you sure I smiled saying very sure

I went off chatting to people, keeping an eye on them they danced a few times and chatted

I was at the bar Susie cane up to me and said are you really sure about this, I said yes if you want to you can she bit her lip and said well if you are alright with it but are you are sure I said yes I am, then she asked for the taxi number we used to get there I had booked one for later I gave her the card, as she was about to go I gave her twenty quid she asked what it was for I said you need a taxi to get back to our hotel she grinned oh yes

I watch as she gave the card to him he was then on his phone I would think calling them fifteen minutes later she waved as they left it was hour before my taxi was due, I had a stiff on it was a problem having a piss

Back in our hotel room I wondered if I done the right thing was it a mistake I had encouraged my wife to have sex with a stranger but I had a stork on like I not had in years it was so hard it heart, the clock ticked slowly I wondered what was happening

three hours then a half it was three thirty, when there was tap at the door I let her in she looked a little bedraggled heir and makeup not as it was last time I saw her but she had a very pleased look about her, at first I think we both felt awkward there was a long silent pause, till I asked was it good she smiled then hugged me saying oh yes very good I really love you you are a wonderful husband, her hand was on my crouch as she said you are pleased to see me, as she held my stiff dick Christ really pleased I want you now

We started snogging I slipped my hand between her legs the gusset of her panties was socked as we kiss she undid her blouse I slipped it off her I spotted a red looking mark on her neck when her bra was off two or three darker ones on her breasts, we almost fell onto the bed getting naked as we did

I ended up between her legs I looked down as I lined my cock up I had to push it down it was that hard her pubes where matted with what must be cum her pussy lips seem flared and open my knob end had no problem finding the opening it been stretched and was gaping

My five and a bit inches slipped straight into a hot slimy gooey pussy it felt loose also swollen puffy inside the feeling was out of this world I only fucked for a few minutes but really hard she sensed me cumming I heard her say yes yes babe give me yours I had no choose in that my balls went off like a rocket it felt like a huge relieve

When I rolled off what a mess it was over both of us my cock and pubes was covered in spunk it couldn't of been mine there was wet patch under Susie she told me he fucked her twice she with mine she had three loads inside her, we had to have a shower

Back in bed I wanted to know about him it turned out he was almost twenty years younger than her only twenty two almost the same age as our oldest I asked what he was like she said good quite experienced but in a rush a compared to some one older would be

But his oral skills was good I asked is he hung she said she guess about six inches a bit over maybe I said he had a lot of girth he stretched your pussy a bit, she laughed and said you felt that didn't you, you didn't with Ron her ex boss and he was wider, no this one had a good size shaft but he had got a really large head on it it felt wonderful I wanted to know if he made her climax with a smile she said oh yes twice each time I don't thing she really meant to say this it slipped out she said its the girth that do it I am quit tin, sunny things like that don't upset me it weird its more like they excite me

That was my first experience of sloppy seconds as far as I know, it was the one that hooked me even now there is still nothing like that feeling of a used pussy

The next morning we sleep late we had to be out the room by twelve,so a little rushed to pack. on the drive home I think Susie may of felt a little guilty the clod light of day thing, she was tell me she loved me and how good I was to her all a little O.T.T it was jest over the hour drive on the M3 to get home, we got talking about things, I didn't even know the guys name, it was Graham and he was like us but staying in another hotel

I asked where he was from and was told London area my next question was would she of like to see him again, she looked at me as if trying to judge my recreation before saying I wouldn't mind I said well it a petty you din't get his number, she said he gave it to me

There was a purse before I said his in our area if you wanted to give him a call when we get home I added only an idea its up to you, she looked at me and said do you really mean that,I replied yes I do I found last night one of most horny and exciting nights of my life and be honest you really enjoyed it, we said we be truthful with each other, as agreed with me adding she loved me and it could never be love with any one else it was only the sex and no more she always maintain I do stratify her sexually there was a lot more said on that drive home but that was the time our life's changed for ever