Written by Rachell

6 Mar 2013

Not very good at writing stories, tried writing this several times.

I am Rachell, 50, 5'8" brown hair blue eyes, yes i know what you are thinking, 50! well yes 50! my Husband Norm is 55 sex had dwindled off a bit, and to be fair, i wasn't overly fussed.

Anyway last back end of last summer i had taken my Grandaughter to the park, i live in a small town in Northamptonshire, that has a country park, i was wearing jeans tee shirt, and a light jumper, there were a few other people down there.

I was stood watching my Grandaughter on the swing when i heard a voice say "nice arse" i turned around to see a guy who i would guess was in his early thrities, "excuse me i said" "you have a nice arse" he said again, i blushed, "bit forward aren't you" i said,

"can't see the point in being any other way" he said, i turned back smiling to myself,

"i am getting a coffee, want one" i hesitated then said "that would be nice" we chatted for a bit then he asked if i ever came here alone, i smiled "no why would i" because i will be here he said, again i smiled, and said you are forward aren't you, yes he replied,

welllll i said i guess i could come back about 4 after i have dropped Chelsea off, good he said meet you then and with that he was off.

Well i dropped Chelsea off back home, and went back to mine, i kept thinking about the day, and how silly i was to even consider going back, but at 4pm i found myself back at the park, he found me rather than the other way round, "knew you couldn't resist" he said, we chatted a bit more, whilst walking suddenly out of nowhere he stopped and kissed me, forcing his tongue into my mouth, his had moved under my jumper, wow this is sooo wrong, yet o, his hands were on my breasts, i could feel my nipples harden, i could also feel his cock growing.

He pulled my Jumper up and off, then my tee shirt, kissing me again he fumbled with my bra, this was sooo wrong yet i did nothing to dissuade him, my bra was off, i was exposing my 34ds to a complete stranger, he started playing with my swollen nippes, then bent his head to suck and nibble them, i was quite turned on and let out a low moan, i couldn't believe how damp i was, i fumbled with his trousers, finally getting them undone and let them fall, i pushed down his pants and released his stiff cock, i started wanking him, my wedding and engagement ring catching in his pubic hair just told me how naughty i was being, he very slowly undid my jeans and started playing with my pussy through my now wet knickers, he pushed them to one side easily slipping two fingers in me, it was a very secluded spot, and he pushed me back against a picnic table, ansd leant me back over it, he pulled my panties to one side and entered me all too easily, he started with slow strokes, building up a rythmn, my breathing was getting faster i was also aware i was moaning very loudly, he was getting faster, i could feel his balls slapping against me, suddenly i screamed as an orgasm surged within me,he just got faster and faster, my tits were swinging all over the place, suddenly he stiffened and with a loud groan surge after surge of hot cum filled me up, we both lay there panting for a while, and then he withdrew, we both quickly got dressed, me a little ashamed,

he patted my bum and said i do love an older slut, i bridled at that as i then feltt very used, after all i am not!!!! he wanted to give me his number but after that i refused, i just walked very slowly home to my husband with a pussy full of someone else's cum