Written by Jean

9 Feb 2007

Hello everybody my name is Jean Im 54 and not bad for my age married 3 grown up children 30 29 27 my sex life as never being anything special strictly between the sheets with the lights out if you know what I mean dont get me wrong my husband is a good man who loves me and our children but sex is a bit of a let down I started looking at this sit a while since in during the day when I am alone if people knew they would be very shocked I read the stories and they are a bit of a turn on but also leave me a bit frustrated if you know what I mean but now I have my own little story to tell and I still cant belive I did it I have gone swimming to the local pool for a couple of years now just to keep fit the changing rooms are combined men and women but you have your own cubicle anyway the last time I went I started to get changed and could hear whispering coming from the next cubicle I couldnt tell what they were saying but noticed a hole had been poked in the wall about as big ten pence somebody was watching me get changed well they hadnt seen anything because I still had my clothes on I turned to grab my bag to leave but for some strange reason I didnt I looked at the hole in the wall and started to undress I was trembling so much I couldnt keep still first I removed my jumper then my blouse and skirt I just had on my bra and pants dare I do it I moved in front of the hole and un hooked my bra trembling even more I slowly removed it then my pants I slowly lowerd them bending down to make sure my breasts could be seen I turned round to get my swimm suite on and also to show my bottom to the voyeurs so they had had a view of everything I had not had fealings like this for years I was so turned on there was no fealings of guilt what so ever once in the pool I looked round to see who it could be there was no body obvious so I got on with my swimming on completing my second length three young lads came on to the side of the pool one smiled and nudged his friend it must be them I thought and turned away a little bit embarresd and carried on swimming after doing my twentyfive lengths I got out and went to the changing rooms as I got my cloths out of the locker the three lads walked in and came up to me one said can we come in the cubicle with you I looked at each one no older than twenty three all younger than my children I slowly noded my head I couldnt believe what I was doing I didnt do things like this one of the lads opend the door to a family cubicle and we went inside within seconds they put my cothes down and had my swimsuit of and I was stood naked all of theme had hands all over me fondling by breasts hands between my legs and fingers inside me it was shear heaven then one of the lads took down his shorts bent me over and had sex with me from behind whlie the other two carried on playing with my breasts when he had finished which didnt take long they swapped over till all three had had sex with me then they left I started to clean my self up no fealings of guilt just my little secret and I still cant believe I did it