Written by frustrated Sue

25 Jan 2008

I know you are going to think I am the most stupid girl on earth but this was something I hadn\'t planned. Ican\'t say my real name just in case but you can call me Sue. I am 23 and have been married for just over a year. My husband is (was) the only man I had ever had sex with but although I love him so much he is boring as hell in bed. His cock is about 6\" with a hard on and very thin but he is kind and caring which I guess is why I married him. But if I am honest I have never had an orgasm unless I sorted myself out. My best friend is a bit of a bad girl, she is single and doesn\'t think twice about one night stands which being a bit of a prude horrified me.

She tells me stories of how she went dogging with a boyfriend she once had (after she explained to me what dogging was I told her how stupid she was).

She told me the website she uses to keep in touch with that scene and I have to admit I have looked now and again and I also love reading stories on this website as well, i guess I am just frustrated as hell.

Ok well here we go !! I notice everyone describes themselves so this is me. I guess I am not bad looking, 5\'5\" slim with small breast ( half the time I don\'t bother with a bra, hubby hates it says I am being too tartish when I do that.

I looked on the dogging web site and noticed a place about 45 miles from where I live and people arranging to meet up later that week. There was no harm in looking to see what people do so I drove up there, it was in a secluded car park in a local country park which is almost abandoned sat a little while away and watched. I must have been there for over an hour and was ready-to give up when some one walked up to a car in front of me, they had the inside light on and so I could see what was going on. The man reached in for a min or two and then the door opened. He lowered his trousers and a women pulled him closer and stared to give him a blow job. I noticed the same sort of thing was happening in 3 or 4 other cars and in one courner of the car park a women was laying on the bonnet of a car withone man fucking her whilst she gave someone else ( I assume her partner) a blow job. It was so errotic I couldn\'t beleive a was here watchiong something like this. I honestly didn\'t notice i had done it but I opened my blouse and started to rub myself, my nipples ached so much but I was on the verge of a cumming just watching. After a while I thought it best if I went. I opened my windon to help me cool down and opened the door a bit and had one last look around.

I noticed 3 men standing to the side if my car about 2 or 3 feet away just looking at me. One smiled

I smiled back, when I did this he walked up to me, I realised I still had my blouse undone and open showing what little I had.

I went to start to butten myself up but,and I have no idea what possesed me but I stopped and just looked at this guy. He said I shouldnt be on my own somehere like this but they would look after me. He put his hand in the car and stared to rub my breast then he opened the car door, I froze to the spot, partly becouse I couldnt believe I had put myslef in this situation but mostly becouse I didnt want to move. He knelt down an looked at me, he ws rough and must have been in his 50\'s. He opened my blouse completely and pulled me towards him. He sucked and licked my breats gently at first then like an animal. He stopped for a second or two and looked at me before pulling my legs around so I was sat half in teh car and half out, with that he gently pushed me back so I was more laying than sitting. I looked down and watched him pulling my underwhere off, lifing my skirt up around my waist opening my legs and putting his head between my legs. What the hell was I doing?? this was crazy anbd stupid but the feeling of this mans tounge in hole drained me, before long he pulled himself up and fucked me, he fucked me for what seemed ages, I could here myself groaning and begging him not to stop. I must have cum more times during that fuck than I have i my life, eventualy he came filling me with spunk. When he pullled himself out of me he was replaced my his mate and when he had finished using me he pulled me up holding the back of my head whilst his other friend put put his cock in my mouth pulling it out only justin time to cover me with his cum. I drove home after they had all cum over me again. I was soaking, how I got away with I will never know but I need to visit again very soon