29 Jan 2018

If you have read my swinging adventures with my first wife, then you will know she eventually left me. The sex was always good, but we became incompatible in other ways.

The title of this story, was inspired by the TV series that was on at the time as Lisa, now my wife, but girlfriend at the time, refers to her lover as Soldier, Soldier as we cannot remember his name.

So, when I met Lisa initially for the first 4 years we just saw each other when we could at either my house or hers. We both had two children each and it was easier for them if we didn’t move in together. We worked it out so that alternate weekends one of our houses would be empty as the kids would stay with our previous partners. This meant we could have lots of sex in which ever house we were in and stay naked a lot of the time. Apart from our previous partners and my one swinging experience we had no other experience and both wanted a chance to experience others before settling down again. So, I suggested we try swapping with others and make a reality of the letters that we both read and turned us on so much.

At this point I should probably say a little about us by way of a description. It was 1995 and we had been together for about 2 years. Lisa was 36 years old, 5’ 3” tall a petite size 12 with 32DD boobs and short blond hair. I was 6’ tall, 43 years old and average build, with a 7.5” cock.

Our first opportunity arrived one evening when we were at the pub with a friend of Lisa’s. The two girls had gone to the bar to decide what they wanted and to get me a drink, while I saved the table in the garden. They were a long time and I wondered where they had gone, eventually Lisa came back with my drink and said that they had been chatted up by a young guy in his 20’s, very tall and fit who was a Soldier. He had offered them a drink and Sue; Lisa’s friend was still chatting to him. I asked Lisa if she fancied him and she said she did, so I suggested she go back if she wanted, as we knew Sue would have to go home soon. Lisa, who by this time was a bit tipsy, skipped off back to the bar and I was left to wonder what would happen. Sometime later Sue and Lisa came back and Sue said she was off and we said our goodbyes. I asked Lisa what had happened, she said that he was chatting them and especially her up and when Sue when to the toilet, he had put his arm around her and touched the bottom of her breast and squeezed her bum, saying he wanted to take her home. I reminded her of what we had talked about previously and that if she wanted to she could take him home and was free to do what she wanted. I would go back first and hide upstairs so she would not be exactly on her own. Just to make sure and tell me afterwards what had happened. Lisa agreed and went back to find him at the bar, I finished my drink and set off for Lisa’s house which was the empty one this Friday evening.

Once inside I went upstairs and hid in the small bedroom as I was not sure if they would go into the lounge or the main bedroom. If was agony wondering if I had made the right decision and if Lisa was safe with him. After quite a wait they eventually arrived home by taxi and she took him into the lounge. I could hear some muffled voices and then it went quiet. My imagination was running wild, what was he doing to her?

Lisa later told me that they had both started kissing like mad and undoing each other’s clothes as fast as they could. Once he had her naked he was feeling her boobs and then put his hand between her legs, which she spread for him. He soon had his finger inside her wet pussy and started to stroke her clit, which made her cum quite quickly. Then they lay down in front of the fireplace.

I decided to creep downstairs and see what I could hear, I came down and could tell they were in the lounge, Lisa had closed the door over but left it open enough so that I could see. I felt I could not risk going all the way down and into the hall in case they changed their mind and headed for the bedroom. I could hear Lisa giggle and whisper something, but not what she was saying. Then she gasped out and then again and then she moaned and came. I could hear more rustling of clothing and noisy kissing. My cock was rock hard and I had to keep adjusting it in my trousers. Things were a bit quiet for a few minutes and I retreated a little further back up the stairs in case they were going to head for the bedroom. Then I heard Lisa making rhythmic “uhhhg” type sounds, which told me she was probably getting fucked. I risked coming back down the stairs and into the hall, peering in through the crack in the door. If you have read my other stories, you will know I had done this with my first wife.

Lisa was on her back on the rug in front of the fireplace, with her knees up in the air and pulled back. Between her legs was this very fit, broad shouldered guy with short brown hair holding himself up by his arms and hammering his cock into Lisa’s cunt. Later Lisa told me his cock was a little longer at 8” and a bit thicker than mine. After a few minutes, as I watched he slowed his thrusting and lowered himself down, so that he could kiss her. She put her arms around him and passionately pulled him to her as they rolled onto their sides and his hand sought out her lovely boob which he squeezed. She screamed out as he thrust in hard and fast and she came off. Due to the height difference he had to bend his back, but he kept up the thrusting as they rolled around and continues fucking.

Then he was back on his knees and easily moving her so that she was on her knees in a doggy position, he seemed so much bigger that she was, as he lined up his cock, I could see that at least he had a condom on as Lisa was not on the pill, I had had the chop some years previously, so we didn’t use any contraception. Then he was back in her and fucking her hard and fast. Her head was down on the carpet, hands out in front of her, with her arse stuck in the air, her position said take me, she was looking toward the door, although I doubt she could see me, she probably knew I was watching.

He fucked her hard and fast, then slowed down again and lent forward so that he could feel her tits as they hung down onto the carpet. After a few minutes he was back up on his knees and fucking her really hard and very fast, this made her scream out as she came again, shortly followed by him grunting as he shot his load.

As they both got their breath, I made my way back up stairs as quietly as I could. They talked for a while as they waited for a taxi and then he left.

Once he had gone I came back downstairs and took my clothes off, then got Lisa to tell me everything that had happened, although I had seen most of it, except that he had kissed her and felt her boobs in the taxi for m the pub. Lisa said she had really enjoyed the meeting and that he wanted to see her again and had suggested Wednesday at his mother’s house.

I of course was all for her having another meet, although this time I would not be able to watch and would rely on Lisa telling me what happened.

On Wednesday morning after dropping the kids at school Lisa went around to his address, apparently his mother would be at work. She knocked on his door and after a while he answered the door, but he looked dishevelled and had just got out of bed. As young guys do, he had forgotten his appointment with Lisa and the night before had got completely plastered with his mates. At half past nine in the morning he was still somewhat pissed and very hungover. He invited her in and they sat on the sofa, he kissed her but apparently did not smell that good, but Lisa wanted fucking, so she undressed him and started sucking his cock, making it nice and hard. Then she undressed, rolled a condom over his cock and knelt over him on the sofa and inserted his cock into her pussy. She rode him like this until she had an orgasm and then fell against him and rested.

He by this time had come around a bit and he just lifted her off his cock and laid her down on the carpet, sliding back between her legs and into her wet cunt. He then fucked her hard and fast making her cum twice more before shooting his spunk up her. At this point he rolled off and lay beside her and within a few minutes he was asleep.

Needless to say, Lisa was not impressed, she got up, dressed and left, leaving him sprawled out on the lounge carpet, condom still hanging off his cock.

He did contact her two days later annoyed that she had left him that way, luckily for him he woke up before his mum came home and found him. Lisa decided not to see him again.