Written by Helen

12 Feb 2007

My fella and i had a big row saturday night so i stormed out in the car to cool off,i ended up in a carpark,i had been there a couple of mineutes when i saw movement outside and a guy stood there with his cock out wanking,he stood next to my window,i thought why not and opened the window and started to suck his cock i was turned on by this lewd act and as he fumbled with my tits i took my jkt off and let him get my top off,i noticed that there were now another two guys watching,so i took there cocks as well and sucked them in turn,I asked them if they fancied a fuck to which they all agreed and i got in the back of the car and took the first guy into my unprotected cunt,it felt so horny being fucked like this he soon cum and pulled out,to be replaced by the second guy he to fucked me bareback and shot his load then the third guy took his place he had a big cock and it felt great being fucked like a tart by strangers,after he to cum into me they got me out the car and had seconds with me bent over the boot of the car,i was full with cum and could feel it running down my thighs.After they had finished they just walked away i wiped my cunt with some tissue got in the car and went home.My partner was very apologetic about upsetting me,I looked at him and thought if only you knew i was full of strangers spunk!And went and had a bath!!!!!!!! I now want more casual sex with strangers.