Written by Heather

24 Jan 2013

It was a lovely birthday surprise when Greg showed me the story he'd posted about me and to read your comments. Now I know what he was secretively doing on his laptop last week and when he kept sneaking downstairs last weekend, whilst I was upstairs, with one of my other 51st birthday presents. Actually it wasn't one present it was three. Three gorgeous guys, who arrived Friday night and didn't leave until Sunday evening after spending the whole weekend fucking me senseless. The title “Heather Unleashed” was well chosen. What I'd seen in the dunes had unleashed all the pent up sexual longings I'd been suppressing for the previous 2 or 3 years. Why shouldn't I have some fun and enjoy life while I'm still young enough to enjoy it and desirable to men.

I thought you might like to hear about some of the things I've got up to on my own since our return. Things that he deliberately omitted, believing that it was for me to write about should I choose too.

Greg said he thought about a dozen guys fucked me during the last 6 days at Maspalomas. I don't know where he got that figure from, it was nearly double that!! Six or seven on the last but one day alone. It's a pity he didn't include that. It was awesome! I'd conquered my initial apprehension and overcome the moral restraints which were constraining me and gave in to the strong desires, urging me to be more sexually liberated. I immediately discovered that I rather liked the sexual freedom of casual sex with complete strangers and multiple partners.

I believed that when we returned to the UK I'd be able to stop but I found it so addictive I couldn't. Within days of returning from holiday I was yearning for more cock. Still on a bit of a high after the holiday I thought it would pass. We were having more sex than ever, fucking every day like a pair of newly weds, but it wasn't enough to satisfy me. If anything my hunger for sex grew stronger over the next three weeks. I found myself looking at men, trying to imagine how large their cocks were, fantasising I was being fucked by them. I'd experienced sex at its most uninhibited, having raw animal like sex with men I'd only just met, often not even know their names. I'd been fucked, taken their spunk, been remounted and fucked again and again and again, aroused and excited by the debauchery and depravity of what I was doing, released from all the usual mores of sexual behaviour. The Genie had been released, there'd be no going back. It was useless my attempting to return to how I was before. I liked fucking to much!

Greg was away the following week. By mid week I'd practically worn out a vibrator and needed to be fucked. We'd been home almost a month and I couldn't stand it any longer, willing to do anything as long as I got fucked. I called him and told him I desperately wanted sex and asked if he minded if I went out and picked up a guy to fuck me. He was all for the idea, wanting to know where I was going to try, what I was going to wear and making me promise to call and tell him all about it afterwards. I ordered a cab for 7.45pm and went to prepare.

I knew exactly which dress I was going to wear. As you know my tits are quite large and I almost always wear a bra. I'd bought the white backless, plunge front, halter neck dress for a summer party. I'd planned to order a convertible plunge bra but had been unable to find one I liked in my size and at the time had decided it was to revealing to wear without. I showered, shaving my legs and the three days stubble from my pussy. I'd dieted rigorously since the holiday, lost weight mostly from around my waist, my figure now a curvy and I think sexy, 40FF - 29 - 40.

My body bronzed, nipples a dark brown, even my cunt was lightly tanned, from all the time I spent with my legs open when I wasn't being fucked. I put on a pair of sheer white french knickers, decided against stockings or tights. I stepped into the dress and pulled it up, fastening the halter. Revealing is an understatement, the skirt, moulded to my shapely bum, wasn't short, about four inches above the knee, the bodice material stretched tightly from around my neck over my braless tits. The front, “V” plunged below my breasts, one of my nipples uncovered. I adjusted it just about covering both nipples, with the result of a lot of side boob. A wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen! Even covered my dark nipples were vaguely visible, made even more noticeable, being erect poking through the material. The white dress looked stunning, drawing attention to the expanse of flesh on display, brown back and particularly my large, barely covered, tanned tits, no unsightly white bits. A pair of silver sandals with 4 inch heel, it was October so a lightweight, belted mac over the top, and I was ready to go and find me some cock.

I got in the cab, not having thought which bar or hotel to try. The driver came to my rescue, telling me that one of the hotels had some sort of seminar and was busy. He dropped me outside, I walked in passed reception, undoing my mac, letting the front fall open. I saw my reflection in a large mirror next to the lifts, checked that nothing had popped out, pleased with what I saw. The new, more modern hairstyle and blonde highlights, I'd had done the previous Saturday, making me look much younger than Fifty. I noticed a couple of men behind, watching me in the mirror. Turning, the mac flapped open, giving them a flash of side boob, displaying how revealing the dress was and how little material was struggling to contain my tits.

I smiled at them as I passed, went and looked in a couple of the bars, both busy and nowhere to sit. I looked in the cocktail bar, a couple were just leaving, two empty stools at the bar. I took off my mac, hung it on a hook nearby, and hitched my bum onto one of the high stools. I crossed my legs, the dress rising, showing quite a lot of tanned thigh. The barman came over and took my order, impressing me by not staring at my tits, though he did say something to his colleague, who looked over, whilst he prepared my drink.

I sat watching what was going on, most of the guys were in groups or pairs talking and though I caught the eye of a number none came over to me and I could hardly walk up to them and say, “Anyone fancy a fuck?” I sipped my drink, making it last about 30 minutes and ordered another. The barman fixed it and set it on the bar, I reached for my purse to pay, “No need. The man in the corner bought it for you” he told me. I took a sip, turning to look who he was. He raised his glass in a toast, I returned the gesture, quickly appraising him. I'd noticed him earlier sitting with an older man. He was quite attractive, salt and pepper hair cut short, aged around forty. I indicated the spare stool, inviting him to join me.

He stood and came over, introduced himself as “Brett from New York City”, I told him my name, we chatted about England and America, he told me some quite funny stories, making me laugh. The laughter was all it took for the material covering my boobs to slip, and both my nipples to pop out. He didn't say anything and he'd been glancing at my tits anyway so I didn't notice for several minutes, casually covering them up with an “Oops” and a grin, swivelling so my leg was touching his. He moved his hand resting it on my leg, then when I didn't object moved it higher, stroking my thigh.

He made a comment about the weather, I said something about it always raining. Then, randomly, out of context he asked “Are you working?” I assumed he meant did I have a job, answering “Yes. I need the money” His hand moved under my dress and he leant closer. “I thought you were. How much?” It took me a moment to realise what he meant. I'd been about to suggest that we go up to his room and now he was offering me money. There's a dilemma, tell him you're not on the game or take the money for something you were going to do anyway. Not to difficult. Take the money. The hotel was expensive, he was well dressed, but how much? I made a guess “A hundred” he didn't bat an eyelid, reaching for his wallet. I wondered if I was selling myself to cheaply as he handed me five crisp twenty pound notes, noticing that the barman had been watching our transaction.

I collected my coat, giving the barman a cheeky wink as we left. We had the lift to ourselves and I started to earn my first money as a prostitute, standing close to him, rubbing his cock through his trousers. He'd been eyeing my tits since he'd seen me, and wasted no time, easing them out of my dress, fondling them, cupping one, feeling the weight, commenting “Great tits” just as the doors opened on the 10th floor. Two guys waiting, he knew them, chatted to them, me standing next to him still with my tits out. “This is Alison, I'll send her to your room if you fancy fucking her later. Send me a text if you want her” he told them. Before speaking to me “That'll be OK won't it Honey” “Yes. As long as they can pay. A hundred for one of you, two fifty for both” I replied. Reasoning I'd whored myself once, two more made no difference. If they were prepared to pay to fuck me I'd happily take their money.

He used his keycard to open the room and let us in, a large bed against one wall, a floor to ceiling picture window opposite, the blinds open, facing more rooms on the opposite side of the internal courtyard. He went to the minibar, asked what I'd like to drink, while I went close the blinds, “Leave them open. Stay there” he called, putting my glass of red wine down on a table. Most of the blinds opposite were closed, but not all, including two rooms directly across, one occupied.

He took off his jacket and tie, switched on all the lights, including a row of spotlights in the ceiling above me, and sat on a chair out of sight. “What would you like me to do?” I asked. “Take the dress off” facing him I undid the halter, let it drop, pushed the dress over my hips and let it fall to the floor. “Now the panties” he instructed. I slipped my fingers either side and rolled my knickers down my legs and stepped out of them. I stood in front of him naked, waiting for him to tell me what he wanted me to do next. “Is anyone in the rooms opposite?” he asked. I glanced out of the window. “Yes. Two, no four guys” I answered matter of factly. “Have they seen you?” he wanted to know. I glanced again “Definitely. They've just let three more guys into the room and they're looking” I told him feeling remarkably calm. He told me to turn to face the window then step back so he could see my tits and pussy, which also had the effect of reducing the number of rooms I could be seen from to just three or four.

I stood just in front of the bed about ten feet from the window, legs slightly parted and smiled at the guys only 40 or 50 feet away. Brett sat to one side of the window and told me “Play with your pussy. Give us a show” He was getting his monies worth but I was enjoying myself too. I parted my legs more, licked my fingers and reached down between my legs. I touched my clit, stroking it gently, sensing the little bud stiffening. I was already wet, but licked my fingers again anyway before reaching back down, sliding a couple of fingers in my cunt and starting to masturbate.

With the fingers of my right hand pleasuring my pussy I used my left one to caress my tits, pinch and pull my nipples, lifting my tits one at a time sucking my hard nipples.

I crouched down, my back against the bed and spread my legs wide. I reached down with both hands pulling my hole open, hoping the could all see my dripping wet cunt, tell how aroused I was performing sex acts for them. I glanced at Brett, he'd unzipped his trousers and had his cock out wanking. I rubbed my pussy, fingered my cunt, slowly standing until I could sit on the bed. I wriggled my bum further on to the bed, drew my legs back, spreading again, fingers in my cunt, all four this time. I wanked harder, wishing he'd get a move on and fuck me. I pressed the side of my hand , against my clit, rubbing it as I sensed I was getting close to cumming. I imagine he thought I was faking it, I wasn't, crying out for him to fuck me as I climaxed.

He was still watching me. I climbed off the bed and went over to him. Kneeling in front of him I moved his hand from his cock and took it in my hand, stroking him. Not the biggest cock I'd ever seen, probably not even six inches but at least it was hard. I lowered my head took it in my mouth and began sucking him, being careful not to make him cum. He stopped me after a minute or two, “Close the blinds and get on the bed” he instructed me. Closing the blinds I gave a wave to the guys opposite then climbed on the bed, watching him undress.

“Turn over. I'm gonna to fuck you from behind” he demanded. I did as he wanted, kneeling bum up, hand between my legs rubbing my pussy ready for him to enter me. Holding my bum, he shoved his cock in to my cunt and fucked me, while I frenziedly frigged my clitoris, rightly suspecting it was the only way I'd cum. Two minutes of frantic fucking and I felt him ejaculate inside me, though he continued fucking me until his cock softened and slipped out, while I brought myself off with my fingers. Not great as fucks go, but at least I'd enjoyed myself masturbating in front of the window, cum twice and got a hundred pounds for my trouble.

I picked up my bag and knickers, went to the bathroom to clean myself and touch up my make-up, had a look at my phone, three missed calls from Greg. I sent him a quick text, telling him I'd been fucked and would call him later. Brett had dressed and was on his phone when I came out of the bathroom. I sat in front of the mirror, tidying my hair. He finished his call, got up and handed me my coat and told me that the two guys were waiting in their room. He told me the room number, I put on my coat, picked up my dress and bag and he showed me out.

They let me in, I dropped my dress on a chair, took off my coat, removed my knickers and asked for my money and put it on my bag. As they undressed I asked what they wanted, “Fuck? Blow job? If you want I'll wank for you first than we can fuck” One asked if I'd do anal, offering me more money, which I refused. They settled for me sucking one while the other fucked me and at least they both had decent sized cocks, not monsters but nice. The guy fucking me took his time, whether to get his monies worth or make me cum I couldn't say. I got a lovely orgasm out of it, though I did almost choke, just managing to gulp the other guys spunk down, when he unexpectedly came in my mouth, at the same time.

I was back in reception, waiting for a cab before midnight. The barman saw me and came over to chat, along with the doorman. I imagine they don't miss much and they clearly knew what I'd being doing. In the few minutes before a cab arrived, we'd come to an arrangement, which I don't need to spell out.

As soon as I got home I called Greg, described what I'd done with the guys, including the guy wanting to arse fuck me. I finished then said “I've got a little confession to make. They paid me. I'm a Whore as well as a Slut now” there was silence from the other end, I thought I'd misread what his reaction would be and he was angry. Far from it, quite the opposite, he thought it was fantastic, getting paid for doing something I enjoyed and would have done for free anyway.

When he got home I told him I wanted to try Anal Sex. I found it too painful at first, but with practise, perseverance and plenty of lubrication he's trained my anus to take his cock and I now enjoy it. Not just his cock now. Last night, I experienced my first Anal/Vaginal DP. Wow!!!! I never believed until then that I would ever experience multiple orgasms. I could hardly stop cumming!!!!

Mid weeks are mine, though twice Greg has come with me and sat at the bar a few feet away and watched me picking up guys. At weekends it's both of us going out to pick up guys and more recently arranged meets with another couple and 3 or 4 men. Maybe one of us will write again and tell you about that.

Just to think. This time last year I was a modest, quite straight-laced, woman. Now, I'm a Whore and a Slut.