Written by not going out

26 Apr 2018

Mary came home after a night out with her lover well fucked and smiling. I was waiting and she stripped in the doorway of the lounge and strutted across the room looking a true cougar. We were soon entwined in a hectic session of sexual extremes. I was in no mood to mess about with too much foreplay, her mind on her second cock of the night. I was not a match for her earlier conquest, he lasted much longer than I could, she admitted. I felt no jealousy, just the satisfaction of expelling my balls deep inside her, feeling that tension surge through my body and retreat, leaving me empty and satisfied.

As we lay on the sofa and cuddled, a loving commitment to each other in that post fuck haze. 'I've something to ask you' she said and through my trance I drew my attention to her words. 'What is it?' I asked, curious 'Mike was wonderful tonight and he said he had a mate who he was in the forces with and talks to quite regularly. He is divorced and obviously knows that I am fucking him. Mike said he wants to watch us having sex' I was instantly hard again.

I took a few seconds to consider the situation, Mary and Mike giving his friend a private show. Never really thought of this before but we had been caught naked outside many years before and both of us found it a huge turn on. I reminded her of this and she smiled and kissed me. I said her body was still turning me and Mike on so I was certain she was perfect for such a thing if she was up for it. She asked if I minded and I put her hand on my cock and said 'Does that answer your question?' We kissed and she said 'What if he wants to do me as well?' I mentioned that she had enjoyed two cocks before but to wait and see what develops, he might just be unable to get an erection. She text Mike immediately and said it looked like they would need to meet Ray sometime soon and decide then if it was a positive suggestion.

He confirmed he would have a chat with him and discuss a few other points like where, inside or out? and when.

Next afternoon Mary got a call from Mike who said Ray had a house and wanted them to use that rather than the expense of a hotel, the cheapest decent hotel in the area being over a hundred and fifty pounds. To cut a long story short, they met and arranged a time as Mary was satisfied that Ray was trustworthy, in fact she rather liked his cheeky banter, witty and at the same time smooth. He was very presentable and clean, a good talker and frequent smiler. The agreement was made and all that remained was the date, which was down to when Mike could take some time out of the marital home and free from work commitments too, being a shift worker.

It took three weeks to get the various facets aligned and then it was agreed that a Wednesday night was the first perfect time for all. Mary was off work the next day, Mike on nights and Ray was ready to welcome two friends, one new and one old and watch the two come together.

The day arrived and Mary got off work at lunch time and came home after a visit to the shops for some more clothes, underwear and make up for make this a night that Ray would remember. Mike came round at half past seven as arranged and Mary was ready for him. Mike and I have known each other for a few years now and so we greeted each other like old friends, had a chat and he kissed Mary before saying 'Shall we go'. She looked at me and I smiled and said 'Have fun' Mike said 'We will mate' and shook my hand 'Any idea of what time you might be back?' I asked. 'No, mot yet but we will keep you informed in some way.' Then they left, Mary looked as sexy as she has ever looked, hair done specially, new underwear and four inch heels, she looked fabulous, but not tarty, just perfect. My cock twitched as the door closed and I saw them drive away to fuck about seven miles away.

Mary here; I have been invited to give my version of the bits hubby didn't get to see first hand. We were on familiar ground, me going off with my lover for a night of sex. We arrived about fifteen minutes later. Ray greeted us and gave me a kiss, saying'You have no idea how much I have looked forward to this'. We went in and his house smelt very cosy, candles everywhere. I said that I hoped we wouldn't have a fire and Mike said 'Do you mean with friction?' which made us all laugh and brought a sense of relaxation to the occasion. He showed me round the house. I noted the bedroom had the duvet turned right back and a chair close to the bed, he had done his homework. Back downstairs, Mike had opened a bottle of Prosecco which we had brought with us, pouring three glasses and we sat and sipped, conversation was a bit stilted, a sense of nervousness spreading, anticipation rife.

I was sitting next to Mike who had an arm round me, stroking my arm. Ray sat opposite me and I slowly let him look up my skirt, allowing my stocking tops to be seen. I was here to fuck in front of him so why not set things off with a bit of tease. Mike put his glass down and brought himself round to kiss me. Things were starting, the room was silent and I felt Mike come round to my boobs, squeezing them, making me breathe heavily as I knew we were on course to fuck in front of his mate Ray. I put my arms round Mike's neck and sighed as he got his hand beneath my top and found my nipples. I felt my juices were beginning to flow, I felt very naughty. Ray was quiet for a while and then said 'Beautiful, just beautiful' This obviously encouraged Mike who now ran his hand up my skirt, lifting the hem and exposing my stocking tops as he fingered my soaking cunt. I pushed down on his fingers, filled by two large digits, I squirmed on them and felt wicked.

Mike broke the silence. 'I think we should get you naked for Ray, don't you?' he queried. I nodded and said a very weak yes. Mike stood up and held out his hand, I took it and stood facing him, kissing him and allowing my top to lifted away. I felt very naughty now and was impatient to lose all my clothes but knowing that I would probably be left in stockings and suspenders. With my top off, Mike undid my black bra and slipped it from my body. The feeling was of relief. I was unsure how this part was going to happen, but it was so natural as my skirt followed my bra to the floor. Ray was enthralled and I heard him breathing heavily, a very sexy sound in this situation. It added to the tension knowing my thong was all that covered what Ray was wanting to see a lot of this particular evening. Mike looked at me and then said 'I think our host should have the pleasure'.

I had been wondering if and when such a thing would crop up but I thought it felt natural and raised no objection as he reached forward a couple of feet and touched my body for the first time. It tingled, his touch was light. He looked up at me and said 'May I?' I whispered 'Yes' and turned fully to face him, Mike close to the side. I watched him slip my thong down my thighs and past my knees. I lifted my leg and he slipped it off my ankle, then followed suit with the other leg. I now stood naked with Ray's face at cunt height, I could sense my pheromones filling my nostrils, I was so turned on by now. Ray just kept saying 'Wonderful'.

Mike sat me down and spread my thighs giving Ray a full on view of my cunt which was soaking. Mike had virtually stripped himself naked and was feeling my boobs while Ray sat silently looking at my body. 'What would you like now?' I asked him. 'Anything' he said. I sat with Mike's cock tenting in his pants, his trousers already gone. 'Would you like to see me sucking cock?' I said, rubbing Mike's big bulge. 'Yeah', he replied. Mike slipped his boxers off and his cock reared in my face. I gripped it and drew it to my lips, licking it first, knowing he loves this before taking it as deep as I could, feeling it at the back of my throat. This felt lovely, his cock fills my mouth and has done for so many years. That we are lovers with our own partners helps make the situation perfect. no jealousy on our part but the acknowledgement that Mike's wife has never known of our sexy antics. And long must it remain so. I sucked and Ray watched and said how good it looked. From the corner of my eye I saw Ray was also getting as much of an eyeful of my naked cunt as he could, making the most of the moment.

I felt Mike begin to fuck my mouth, a sign he was beginning to get ready to cum. I stopped and looked up at him and asked if he wanted finishing and he shook his head and told me I was going to get it all in my cunt tonight. I stopped and suggested Ray might like to see him licking me. I then realised how much I had grown into this role. from scepticism and doubt, I was happy to be scrutinised, especially as my lover was going to fuck me right in front of his mate. Mike's licking is legendary, he takes his time, praises my lips, licks, fingers and sucks them, pushes his tongue deep inside and gives me plenty of cums. This was even more special with an audience.

I took two small orgasms before he did something unexpected and my gush caught me unawares, I was riding a wave of euphoria and then it hit me and I soaked Ray's sofa right in the centre, a wet patch spreading wider and deepening the material. I apologised and Ray said 'No problem, I will be sniffing that tomorrow all day long'. Mike stopped licking me and invited Ray to inspect me. i should have felt self conscious but the occasion held that at bay. I laid on the cushions and left my thighs apart while I was stared at. 'She has a lovely bum too, get up and show him'. I stood shamelessly and then said 'Shall we go upstairs?', turning my back and letting them both see my bum, I walked to the doorway and turned. 'Come on boys, let's party' I walked slowly upstairs as Mike and Ray followed. I knew my bum and slit were on display and I loved it. Knowing I was about to be filled by Mike's lovely cock and filled with spunk. I shivered in anticipation. reaching the bedroom, I laid on the bed and displayed my body for them both.

Ray stood beside the bed and Mike joined me. This was it, we were going to give ray the thrill he wanted and I was so ready for it too. We rolled together and he slipped inside me gently thrusting deeper into me and I loved it. Ray had taken his place but I noticed his cock was out and he was wanking. So much for impotence I thought but then wondered if he was going to fuck me, or even if Mike would let him.

Mike took me doggy style, missionary, spoons, then me on top where I really pushed my self down on him, swallowing as much cock in my greedy cunt as i could. We became zoned on our own excitement and ignored Ray who was apparently wanking as we fucked. I heard Mike breathing faster and saying he was going to cum. I asked him to give me his lovely spunk right up me and did he? Yes I felt my body swamped by the biggest cum I had experienced for years. In the frenzy, I had forgotten Ray came over my bum. The first I knew was a splash of warm liquid and then as it cooled, all the spunk from Ray trickled down my body. He stood with his eyes closed and swaying back and forth, hypnotised by the occasion. I rolled off Mike and lay next to him. The candles gave a very sexy feeling to this occasion. I had really loved it and to cap it all Mike asked Ray if he wanted to clean me up. To say he dived in was a bit of an understatement. he licked me for getting on for twenty minutes.

It was quite late when we eventually dragged our clothes on, but not before |I had sucked Ray and had him fuck me but with no come it was a little bit of a let down. However I did say I had really enjoyed it. Ray asked if we might do it again and I said maybe, but that this time was special and so perhaps best left as a one off