24 Jun 2015

My sex life isn't as good as I would like it to be. How many of us men say that? I'm bi and have been for more than 40 years. Now 67. I don't get out as much as I used to or would like to.

I do have some sex with my wife. She only knows of my bi side from when I was much younger. We don't fuck anymore as her cunt has become too tight. She does very little to me now, which is not much fun. Up until a few weeks ago she loved me to do oral sex on her which is a real turn on for me. Her multiple climaxes are amazing for a 67 year old.

We do still watch porn together which she likes, gives her a nice stiff clit. She only really likes st8 but will watch bi and gay with me as well as st8.

Just lately I've only been wanking her as she now says her cunt, which she always keeps shaved gets an irritation. So on Sunday night I got some cling film and covered her cunt and did oral on her. She put her fingers under it and held her cunt lips apart. After about 2 minutes she had a very big climax, as big as if I was doing her cunt bare. She then went on to have 2 more big ones. Very nice. She wants it like that next time as well.

I usually wank after while she either has one or just watches me. I used the same piece of cling film and covered my balls and arsehole, loads of lube on and started to wank and feel around my hole. Usually she doesn't like me doing that bareback but this time she didn't seem to mind. She thinks arses are dirty! It was very stimulating. My climax was extreme, lots of spunk with 2 fingers up me. Cling film is surprisingly strong!

This weekend I'm going to use cling film on her and myself at the same time, a 69 hopefully. Never know, she might tongue me or at least finger my arsehole. I can live in hope!