Written by Ablemale

24 Nov 2015

This is a true account of the company where I worked back in the early 90s. This was a manufacturing company based in West Yorkshire, with a large warehouse of mainly male employees a few female , and the offices mainly female in a variety of ages and sizes. Myself (27at the time )I was in the production department and had the opportunity to work closely with all areas( shop floor, sales, purchasing, administration and accounts)

The reference to "something in the water" is that everyone was at it like rabbits , cross contamination from all quarters.

From the illicit fucking of a few girls and married women in the sales office , to the what appeard the prudish HR manager ( what a dirty bitch she was) I eventually tried my luck with the young accounts clerk , she always looked quite demure and that butter wouldn't melt but one guy in the manufacturing division advised that she was a right little fucker and he had been banging her for a few months.

Not one to miss out , I tried my luck and mentioned on day whilst on my duties , that I could be good for her and teach her things she had never believed. To my surprise a little later my company pager went off, the message said " 12:30 tomorrow my mum and dad will be at work " FUCK I thought I cant back out of this , so a meeting place was hatched and I followed her in my car, my cock straining as I followed her. upon arriving at her house it was a case of straight upstairs , the guy from work was right, she kissed me and openly released my cock from my trousers and said " I'm having that " to this she opened her blouse to reveal the best 18year old tits I have seen , large, pert nipples and fully round , I could wait I had to take them nipples in my mouth, as I did this she dropped her skirt to show a great set of stocking clad pins, and nice bushy pussy! Onto the bed we fell , I won't go into any detail but basically gave her what she described at the time " as the best fucking she had had, she was experienced ) we cleaned and returned to work.

What duly happened was a fantastic continuation of life with the contaminated water, this young lady turned out to be the dirtiest bitch I have ever know and still partakes in sex outside the maternal home. But at work over the next few years she would open her skirt and play for me in the office, suck my cock when I was at my desk and once even had anal sex over the accounts managers desk whilst everyone was at lunch, what a buzz that was.

The company relocated some years ago but I'm sure the water supply is from the same source and the same things are still going on. As for me the dirty bitch is still active and only last week obliged in sucking me off in my car, she just loves cock!!!!!

If you wish to hear anymore of the stories of what we got upto please ask !!!