Written by Ablemale

4 Dec 2015

you may have read my previous post 1-3 all of which are factual and a pretty much true reflection of our illicit escapades .

Over the last 20 years the sex has got less and less but the phone sex and picture messaging has increased . One of her favourite lunchtime activities now adays is to call me while she is laid on her marital bed just has she has removed her work attire and ensured the batteries are fully working in her favourite plastic wand! She loves to talk dirty to me telling me that she wishes it was me there and fucking her as thrusts deeper and deeper into her shaven pussy at the same time as placing her beads into her bum hole ( this use to be tight but with over use by her hubby, this is now somewhat cock ready all the time ) once she has come she then takes photos to send me whilst I am sat at my desk ! She just still can't get enough and loves the thrill.

Recently she found a photo of me online in a lads getaway , she enquired on a couple of them , before I know it she had tracked one down and blatantly send him a photo of her huge , pert nipples tits " hi it's ***** your mates FB, want some more)? They are now regular photo buddies , she now spends more of her day at work in the toilet taking her tits out for him or sat fingering her pussy for him to look at the photos , she likes to keep me posed as she knows I like it. I suppose in a way I am a Cuck.

She is wanting to get into groups now and thinks bukkake would be a great start mmm knowing her it's only time !!

I did take her on her first dogging trip, but that's a different story!!!!