Written by seekingsusan

5 Nov 2012

A digression from the saga.

Suffice that Mary & I had been getting together without her husband for several years and had become very comfortable with one another. Our activities depended quite a lot on how long it had been since we last met, the first meets after a long break tending to be enthusiastic sprints rather than gentle meanderings.

Our meetings generally had to be arranged around her husband’s absences and we were both inclined to view him as an obstacle to our activities. Although Mary enjoyed adventures with other people besides me, she maintained that her husband rarely touched her in their marital bed, so we both probably endured equal levels of sexual frustration.

Although we (Mary, her husband Peter & I) did very occasionally still meet for threesomes these (as will be revealed another time) had a somewhat strange agenda, but it was common knowledge between us that her husband craved to have her in the bum, and that she steadfastly refused.

I had made Peter several offers to achieve his desire during out threesomes in the past, knowing that Mary would be unable to resist if I held her tight, and as she was up for double entry into her puss it would be easy enough for Peter to explain an unwanted incursion as an accidental misdirection in the heat of the moment, but he always said he wouldn’t which seemed to me to be a pretty lame approach to something he said he really wanted to do.

But then, so many men are like that, they talk a good fight until they are actually offered the opportunity when they develop cold feet and run off.

I often teased Mary that I would have her there in time, not because of any particular desire but to get one over on Peter - who we both thought had developed a ‘dog in the manger’ attitude merely to prevent the two of us enjoying what he was unwilling to provide - and it became something of a long running joke, particularly on the rare occasions when we did actually spend the night together - “be careful which way you’re facing when I wake up” and such-like, though neither of us did much about it.

There were occasions when it had been very difficult to get together - which generally involved me travelling a long way at funny times of the day or night to wherever she was staying at the time - and Mary would say “you should be rewarded for all your trouble”, with an implicit invitation to claim whatever I chose, but we neither of us took it beyond a flirtatious jest as preliminary to some greatly appreciated love-making.

However, one morning I decided that I would claim the prize.

We had met a couple of times in the previous fortnight by dint of some fast footwork on my part, so we had satisfied the pent up lust and restored the ambience of our long term relationship - one bordering on that of a long married couple. Our progress to the bedroom followed the slow and relaxed format it did when we reached this stage of mutual contentment, progressing from the ritual drinks of tea (restoring the temperature in my hands after the journey) to the settee, a relaxing cuddle with some gentle caressing and exploration, thence to the comfort of the bedroom.

Per usual I undressed her to her bra, pants and hold-ups and myself to my pants, and we lay down on top of the covers side by side to continue our activities. These generally progressed to my taking off her bra and pants over a protracted period involving a lot of cuddling and caressing - and to her enjoying her second-favourite passtime of sucking my cock - at which she is one of the world’s experts.

Before risking exploding in her mouth I laid her down again and began serious operations on her mound, initially gently circling my fingers through her trimmed hair and around her clit while fondling, kissing and sucking her breasts and nipples.

But almost inevitably I progressed to lying between her legs, first breathing hot breath onto her crack (which always makes her tremble) then progressing to licking and sucking her clit, which brings her to a screaming orgasm.

With her now very wet and dripping, I often cuddle her close, slide my cock inside her and continue slow love-making till she cums again and I squirt inside her - I have been having her bareback for a long time, ever since she chose to take exclusive bareback rights to my cock, sharing it only with my wife and reciprocating with her own love tunnel that she shares with others of both sexes but (she maintains) only when protected.

However, on this occasion, as mentioned, I decided to claim a trophy.

One of our flirtatious comments on the subject had included mine that ‘if ever I wear a condom you’ll know where it’s going’ - and when I picked one out of what she called her ‘toy box’ she knew what was in store.

She’d always said that she wasn’t sure if she could take me there anyway as (apparently) I am on the big side in her experience, but we were both about to find out.

Making the moment last by drawing it out and increasing the anticipation and her apprehension, I took my time playing with the packet, then with opening it, and asking her if she really wanted me to put it on, but as she didn’t say no she knew that she was agreeing to being a willing participant.

I took the condom and spent much care expelling the air from the end and then took as long as possible rolling it slowly down my shaft - then I looked in her toy box again to find some lubricant, and took my time applying a copious quantity. Making her wait, as he said, good for the anticipation and the apprehension levels.

With the inevitable now about to happen, I rolled her gently onto her tummy with her head on a pillow and her hands folded above her head. Then I gently opened her legs and took a long time putting some of the lube around her bottom.

That done, I knelt between her legs then bent forward to lie on top of her, my legs stretched out between hers and my feet apart to keep hers the same. Initially I took her hands in mine but then used one hand to hold them and my other to position my cock. I rubbed it with the lubricant along her crack and back to her bum-hole, just locating the round end of my knob on her puckered rose.

I moved both hands back to hers, held her very tight and very close, put my lips to her cheek and kissed her, then put my mouth by her ear and whispered ‘are you ready ?” She said ‘please be gentle’ - and I started to push gently.

My knob began to enter, opening her hole as it probed - but before it had moved very far at all the resistance increased and it was apparent that it was not going to be a straightforward entry; I pulled back and pushed again but realised that more lubricant was going to be needed.

So I knelt up, applied more lubricant in copious quantities both to the end of the condom and to her bottom, then lay over her again, as before locating my knob in the right place before holding her very tight and close and asking “ready?”

She nodded, and I pressed again, this time entering about half my knob before pulling back and rubbing my knob into her crack to acquire some of the lubricant laying there. I did not need to use my hands for this or to locate my cock in the right place, and as I was able to resume a gentle pressure I was rewarded with the sensation of her opening and my knob end passing through.

“OK?” I asked, and she nodded again; I decided to pull back and apply even more lubricant, so again knelt and made the application, running lots onto the end and along the length of my shaft as well as pouring some more down the crack in her cheeks to lubricate her bottom as well as possible.

Again I lay over her, this time using my hand again to ensure correct engagement, then held her very tight, very close and very firmly as I applied the first very gentle pressure. Again I asked if she was ready, received an assent, and I pressed harder, my knob now slipping easily through her lubricated hole and the resistance reducing as the bell passed her sphincter.

I rested a moment, watching her face for any indication of distress, then resumed the pressure, inserting a part of my length into her. She seemed comfortable with what was happening so I pulled back some way and then pressed again, putting the most of my shaft length into her very slowly and carefully.

I lay very still, still holding her very tightly, and whispered again “OK?” - but I was not at all prepared for her response.

I felt her grip my shaft in a spasm, and she screamed as she began to cum in a prolonged orgasmic writhe, her grip rippling along my embedded shaft, and her hips lifting and writhing so violently that I had to press my whole body weight on top of her as well as hug and hold her very tight to stop her damaging herself (and me).

It was the most intense and violent orgasm I had ever felt her have, and apart from the obvious delight I got from her pleasure I was indeed concerned for her safety and welfare; we all read that girl’s vaginas are made of strong stuff but anal cavities are relatively flimsy and I was very much aware that she could get damaged.

I came as she writhed, which should have been a great pleasure and delight, but was in fact akin to ‘wetting the bed’ - an involuntary bodily function accompanied by great guilt and concern.

When she subsided we lay still again and I held her, if possible, tighter than ever for some time before pulling my wilted cock from her and attending to the aftermath of a rather messy experience. I would rather have been able to roll her over and go up inside her puss, but that is for the younger and less honest of us to claim.

Per usual I left shortly afterwards - and was relieved to subsequently get a text ‘thank you for being gentle’.

All in all ‘an experience’ but maybe not one to repeat in a hurry.

On balance I would rather have more conventional sex in the usual cavities designed for the purpose, and I don’t think that anal sphincters are designed for repeated passage of quite large hard object in the wrong direction.

But maybe I learnt something.