Written by Giles

16 Sep 2015

8. Lucky Dafydd

My wife, Anne and I had often fantasised about swinging but she was too prim and proper to try it out for real. I kept on asking her to make up sexy stories for me which she did at first but eventually she said " Please show me you love me and just make love to me". Most times I would cum very quick and leave Anne frustrated. I can remember her laying on her back with my cum oozing out of her fanny after after only a few minutes intercourse. She asked me to try to make her climax saying it was only fair. I would sometimes try but by getting on top of her and rubbing my flaccid penis against her clit but there was not the friction to make it work. I would apologise and Anne, being Anne said "Don't worry - it was still nice". She never was a good liar. One time I heard her sobbing in the bathroom where she gone on a pretence to clean up. I know now that I was letting her down badly but at the time I was too busy to care. Our sex life had become monotonous but at the time I was oblivious to that I would just carry on in my normal routine of climbing on top of her and rubbing my cock against her clit.. sometimes she climaxed but most of the time she faked it.

I had a skiing pal  Dafydd who often stayed over. Anne enjoyed his company of this much younger man (24) and I was happy to see her flirting with him but I knew she was too loyal to me to go any further. Dafydd was a lorry driver and one day in his cab he told me that he had a friend who was letting his wife sleep with another man. Dafydd asked for my thoughts and I said if his friend  was ok with it there was no harm. I often worked nights then and Dafydd would stay at our house and although I would often fantasise with Anne in bed about him but, because I trusted Anne implicitly I never gave it a moments thought.

One morning when I returned from work Dafydd and Anne were in the kitchen washing up the dishes. Anne served me my breakfast in the dining room as they had already eaten. Anne and Dafydd walked over to the table holding hands and Anne said "We have something to tell you. I slept with Dafydd last night". I could see by the way she had not let go of his hand that it was true. Dafydd  looked guilty and said "Sorry mate". I asked how it had happened and Anne said that Dafydd just came into our bedroom in the middle of the night and got into bed with her. I wanted f the details but that could wait til Anne and I were alone together in bed. I brazenly told them to go back to bed and have a nice time. 

Anne slowly shook her head. "Well I didn't expect that reaction!"

Anne looked at Dafydd and he nodded eagerly. 

"Come on then". She whispered and held out her hand.

They both went upstairs still holding hands. After a minute or two Anne came back in her dressing gown and told me that Dafydd had not cum inside her in the night but he was asking to now. "That's up to you my darling" was my only reply and Anne put her arms around my neck and kissed me on the cheek. She then turned away and went to go. I said "Anne wait! She looked at me for a few moments. I did not want her to go but I swallowed my true feelings.

"I'll bring you up some tea later sweetheart - off you go". 

"Thanks darling" and with that she was gone. 

That evening when Dafydd had left Anne told me all. Dafydd had made her cum twice in the night and once again in the morning. She said it was very, very special. Later that week Dafydd sent Anne a Thank  You card.

Inside he had written 

Cariad fach...dioich  yn fawr

(please pass on my thanks to you know who!)