Written by locky

4 Jan 2015

Although i Live up in Surrey, this relates to a threesum i had down in Fareham last Summer, for a few years I've been good Friends with Gerry, a Handyman From Sussex. No idea how he but Occasionally he calls me to Help out with a mmf threesum. There was one in the run up to Christmas 2013 then nothing for ages.

The Usual set up was we'd sit Round for a chat before Heading to the bedroom. I think 5 in total over 3 or 4 years Including the Pre Christmas Session already Mentioned.

By April Gerry had already told me The next one would be Special. His Description ranged From posh totty to filthy cum slut.. He'd sent a couple of pics and basically i was Chomping at the bit.

Finally at the Height of Summer it was Game on. I had a job in Wimbledon first thing but was soon Racing down to the south coast. My Instructions were Clear....park up, let Myself in the side gate, and Knock on the door to the Brick Built shed at the end of the garden.

couldn't quite believe what Greeted me. scaffolding From Floor to Ceiling 9484 cross Member. Sort of a H shape. There was a Beautiful woman chained to it. Her ankles chained to the bottom Of the up rights, Her wrists chained to the top. Naked apart From a Hood. Huge tits...solid Build, Shaven cunt.

Gerry just smiled....Help yourself.

First i Stood on a Stool and Fed my cock Into Her eager Mouth, Having to stop a couple of Times to adjust Her Hood. It was Clear this dirty bitch had done this a lot and didn't want to see my face.

After fucking Her Mouth for Maybe 15 minutes i was keen to fuck her. I walked Round behind her and slid Straight into her...Building up a Steady rhythm but she just kept wanting it harder and faster. I had to Slowdown because i didn't want to cum. eventually i pulled out and the slut was Crying out for me to do her arse. I didn't need Asking Twice and Just as i got going, Gerry slid his whole Hand in her cunt. The Sensation made me blow my nuts up her arse. It was just perfect.

As i Got Dressed i shared her tits with Gerry...we took a nipple in each Hand and as he continued fisting Her i slipped Two fingers up Her arse and she was Literally Squirting as she came over and over.

No small Talk after and soon i was Dressed and walking Back down Her garden path to my car.

I was keen for a Repeat but seems she Dumped poor old Gerry Soon after but i Got the Impression she had a few Fellas on the go. Not the sort to settle down but certainly made for sex.

My next threesum with Gerry was in November and details will follow soon