Written by funforthree2014

3 Aug 2014

Aug 1st 2014

My love and I often meet in hotels for some seriously abandoned afternoon passion. We are intelligent, articulate and attractive and love the finer things of life. I am 50,blonde, 5'2", curvy, with 36G titties and so I'm told intrinsically sexy. Though I do know I am a free spirit between the sheets and anything, I mean ANYTHING goes.

He is a sexy mature gentleman of 60 years, 5'9" with a seriously dangerous manhood which bruises my cervix on a regular basis. J. plays my body like an exquisite, rare instrument and makes me feel like I'm on another planet when I'm in his arms.

This particular afternoon I arrived at a very nice up market hotel in Newbury, I make my way to our room where I know my lover is waiting. I had dressed that morning in a blue plunge bra with matching sheer French knickers, My man likes me to wear sexy lingerie and I always feel so good knowing he is going to appreciate the view as I undress. As the room maid passes me in the corridor I tap lightly at the door feeling naughtily like a call girl arriving for her client. The door opens and my lover greets me with a deep kiss as I walk inside. I can feel the anticipation of what is to come and I am already starting to get wet between my legs. My mans eyes linger over my deep cleavage as much today as they did the day we met, he nibbles at my neck he orders me to get undressed, we're going to the Spa.

Once in my sexiest black swimsuit, deeply cut at the front to show off my assets, J. smiles and slowly rubs a thumb over my massive erect nipples which are already straining the material. He bites my lower lip leaving it swollen and ready. We make our way to the spa and find we are the only people there, the pool is warm and inviting, the water gently caressing our bodies. We swim and play for a while, stealing little kisses and J. fondling my buoyant breasts as the CCTV camera follows our every move, knowing we are being watched all the more enjoyable.

The bubbles in the whirl pool erupt and I move giggling to enjoy them, J. gently feels my bottom wiggle and sway as I leave the pool. The effervescent water pulses between my legs making me tingle and my titties are jiggling to the pounding. As J. climbs in beside me I am a little off balance with the strength of the flow and reach out to steady myself. My hand grazes over his delicious package so I make sure I caress a little longer and he settles down. The feeling of the warm swirling water is both exciting and erotic, my hand slips into the leg of J's swim shorts and I tug gently at his huge hanging balls. They feel soft like velvet in my hands and he leans back widening his legs to give me better access. With such encouragement I reach further up, cupping the heavy testicles and rubbing my finger over the tip of his cock letting it press against and stretch his cum hole. My hand closes over the thick shaft which is starting to become erect and I very slowly stroke this beautiful manhood. Making the lengths reach from the base of his cock to the very tip, pulling his foreskin back to expose the sensitive glans. As I stroke and rub tugging at the snake between his legs I see his eyes slightly glaze and he reaches out to push his hand inside my costume to twist and pull my nipples which excites me further. I look squarely at the camera as I pull down the front of his shorts to expose the tent pole. Through the glass wall I can see the the male attendant watching the TV screen intently. J pulls down my straps to expose my tits so he can play with them while I wank his baby maker. I stroke him twisting my hand as I go changing the pace and strength, I tell him I'm going to make him cum for me in the Spa with the attendant watching our every move, he is powerless to stop me. I own his cock and it's mine to use as I wish and today he's going to spill his seed amongst the swirling water. I feel J's balls start to tighten and know he's close, I lean towards him and whisper that I want him to cum here and now over my exposed tits. As my lips find his and I push my tongue into his open mouth I feel his first grunt of orgasm, spurred on I bring him to final completion a stream of hot white jizz dripping down my naked tits in the whirl pool of the hotel health club. As he finishes I give him one final kiss and slowly climb out of the the bubbles, my exposed tits swinging and dripping with baby cream. I walk topless to the changing rooms to change. I join J in reception, he is nude beneath his white robe and the tip of his cock peeps out of the wrap over. I am clearly naked beneath my dress and my tits are tantalizingly on show, the attendant looks open mouthed and awestruck as I turn and smile and we walk slowly through the hotel back to our room for more afternoon delights.