Written by jerryberry

1 Jun 2009

a few weeks back we decided to take sunday lunch at a local hotel where we are members of the spa. We had a great lunch with a bottle of red and a couple of brandies afterwards. Intending to go for a walk we were disappointed when wefound it raining outside. Instead we opted for the spa. We got our gear from the car and went in. The place, normally quite busy, was actually very quiet, probably only 6 or 7 other guests. We swam a few lengths and then into the spa bath. We were alone and whilst sitting I felt C's hand reach up my leg to my shorts.

She then moved over to the edge of the pool to watch the remaining guests swimming in the pool pulling me behind her. As she leaned over I felt her pushing against me, she wanted me and I knew it! After rubbing her gently through her costume I slipped a finger in to find her very receptive; she reached behind and tugged at my hardened cock.

Soon the swimmers had gone and we were alone, I asked permission to come on board! Not here she said, lets go to the steam room. As we walked from the spa I was concious that I had a very visible hard on.

Into the steam room C sat and pulled me towards her she pulled me from my shorts and took me deep into her throat, normally I get a minute or two but today, loosened by the red wine and brandy she worked my cock with her mouth like a woman possessed. I wanted to come but she told me no, she stood and turned facing towards the glass door onto the pool she slipped her costume aside and I drove deep into her. What a sensation, hot pussy, dripping and ready, the threat of someone coming in and the steam!

After just a couple of minutes I felt myself gush into her, immediately she spun round taking me into her mouth again draining every drop. C now wanted to get home and finish the afternoon which we did in fine style!

Story over? Oh no!

This week I was at the spa in the gym working out when one of the young girls came in to collect towels, I noticed that there was noone in the pool and only 1 other person in the gym. B came over to me "when you've finished we have something in the office of yours" she whispered. 15 minutes later as I left the gym B indicated to the office, I followed.

As I went in, she flicked on a TV screen on the wall. I looked at the screen and was horrified to see me and C in the steam room with C's mouth working my cock at speed. I looked at B and apologised "I didn't realise there was a camera there". As I looked over at B she reached out for me and pulled me closer; now I am 45+ and she is probably only 20/21! She grabbed at my shorts and released my already hardening cock into her warm wet mouth and replicated the action on screen this continued until I warned her that I was coming. She let go immediately, threw herself backwards onto a pile of towels and invited me to "fuck her stupid and fill her with hot come" who could refuse? I obliged but lasted just a couple of minutes before I felt myself shooting the load of my life. She shuddered as I came and we relaxed together for a couple of minutes before she stood telling me she had to get back to work but I could recover my composure before leaving the office.

As soon as she left I looked for the dvd player to remove C & My show from the steam room but couldn't find it. I gave up and headed for the door, as I did the door opened to reveal another vision in black as the spa manageress came into the office. She said nothing but just grabbed at my cock which was hanging uselessly in my shorts. Seconds later, normal service was resumed and again I had a beautiful young thing sucking me deep into her mouth while she fingered herself furiously.

Twice in less than half an hour was too much for me I couldn't hold back and soon was welling up. I warned A expecting her to stop instead of which she just took me deeper, I came noisily. A looked up and opened her mouth to reveal a mouthful of white sticky cum, she blew bubbles before swallowing the lot and leaving the office.

Alone, this tiem I rushed to the shower, showered changed and headed for the exit. At the desk B smiled at me, in her hand was a dvd, she offered it to me, I stuffed it in my bag and headed home.

Once home, I shot the dvd into the player expecting to see C and me in the steam room but imagine my horror to find the dvd was of me and 2 lovely young things in the gym office, yet again I had failed to notice the camera!

Tonight B was on duty "enjoy the film" she asked. We enjoy yours!