Written by GM

10 Aug 2010

We have just returned from our summer holiday in Spain and I must share with you what my horny wife got up to while we were there.

We have a very liberal view to sex and I have always encouraged her to enjoy herself with whoever she pleases. This year we stayed in a villa close to a place called La Herradura, a small town on the coast in Southern Spain. My wife who is 54, has looked after herself and has lovely 36D tits and a shaved pussy. She is 5'6" tall and has a medium build. She loves sun bathing naked which is why we tend to rent villas which are very private. When she was younger she loved horse riding and as often commented that she'd love to go again.

cut a long story short there was a riding stables about a mile away up in the hills. My wife said she'd love to go for a ride at the stables to she if she still had the knack. I agreed to take her up there and drop her off so she could go riding. Off she went in a very tight fitting black t-shirt, black shorts and flip-flops. I guessed she would borrow boots and a hat from the stables.

About two hours later she called to say she was ready to be picked up and had had a fantastic time with the young Spanish riding instructor and had got something to ask me. When I arrived she looked all hot a sweaty from her little jaunt. The young instuctor (Fernando) had asked if he could take her out that evening. I agreed she should go if she really wanted to.

Around 8pm that evening Fernando arrived at our villa in his soft top Audi A4. My wife introduced him to me before climbing into his car and setting off. I sensed she was looking forward to the evening given she had not stopped smiling following her riding session. I must admit she looked stunning in a long white strapless dress showing off her tanned gorgeous tits which revealed her dark, large nipples. I guessed she had chosen not to wear any underwear.

Fernando was around 6'1" tall, with a good physique and dark latin complection. He was 35 years old and very suave, I could see why my wife was excited. Before leaving she said she'd call later to let me know what time she'd be home.

My phone rang about 2am and my wife said they were in Granada and she was having a great time, would I mind if Fernando brought her home in the morning. I agreed and asked her if she was going to let him fuck her. Her reply was a sexy laugh followed by the words 'you bet I am, he's magnificent'. I told her to enjoy herself and I wanted to know the details when she got home.

Around 9am that morning Fernando's car pulled onto the driveway of our villa, out stepped my wife who then removed her dress to reveal her naked body, went round to the drivers side, bent over and gave Fernando the longest kiss and then let him suck her nipples. She then waved him off, came hurriedly inside to tell me what she'd been up to.

They started the evening going to a restaraunt, then to a few bars before going to a club in Granada. She said they had danced until 3pm before going back to his appartment. Back at his apartment she couldn't wait to get his cock out, she had felt the size whilst dancing and was eager to have it inside her. He unzipped her dress letting it fall to the floor revealing her naked body for him to explore. She moaned with pleasure as he teased her large nipples with his tongue and stroked her smooth pussy with his fingers. She nearly orgasmed then and there but told him to take her to his bedroom. In the bedroom she ripped of his shirt revealing a muscular, tanned upper body and undid his jeans to unleash his huge cock. She climbed onto the bed and laid on her back opening her legs to invite Fernando access to her shaved, wet pussy. He climbed between her legs, kissing the inside of her thighs before flicking his tongue over my wifes engorged clit. She wimpered with pleasure as he started to tongue fuck her while playing with her erect nipples. She arched her back as she reached her first orgasm, coming all over his face. She asked him to fuck her with his huge cock, he gentle rubbed his cock head over her clit and down her soaking wet slit before sliding it's bulbous head into her pussy. She gasped for breath as he slid deeper into her. She was now meeting his gentle thrust and telling him to fuck her harder and deeper, Fernando obligued. He put her legs over his shoulders to drive his 8" cock right up to the hilt. My wife was having multiple orgasms by this time gorging on his spanish cock. His pace quickened and he unloaded a shower of spunk in my wife's cunt. He rolled off her and let his large limp cock recover.

They showered together with Fernando soaping her large tits a slowly massaging her body. She was loving every minute of this stallions attention and told him she wanted fucking again. They dried off and went back to the bedroom, she told him to lay on his back so she could suck his shaved cock. She gave him a blow job he will never forget before swallowing his hot salty spunk. She then straddled his body stroking his cock back to life before sliding his cock between her legs and riding him cowgirl so she could control how much she took inside her. She reached yet another orgasm telling him he was a far better fuck than me. They fell asleep in each others arms waking at 6:30am. My wife wanted one more fuck before coming home to tell me the details. Fernando obligued by fucking her doggy style for a good 30 minutes and shooting even more spunk into her pussy.

They then showered before Fernando brought her back to our villa. She went riding for the last three days of our holiday, being fucked at the stables and out in the countryside by her young Spanish Stallion.....but that's another story.