Written by Jess

20 Jul 2019

Last week, I came home from work to an unusually quite house. Quickly I realized no one was home and I went upstairs and took a shower. When I went into our bedroom I noticed a small gift box wrapped with a ribbon on top and presumed it must be for me. When I looked at the label it was addressed to me personally in my husbands hand writing and I opened it up excited to see what was inside. To my surprise the box was almost empty with just a small folded up note in the corner. I unfolded and read the content of the note and as I did it sent shivers across my skin.

It read, hi precious will be home soon I have arranged the special night you have been wanting see you soon. Love you.

At last I thought but when ? How ? At last I would get my every fantasy fulfilled. Before long I went down stairs sat back and popped open a bottle of white wine to celebrate. I felt skittish like I hadn’t felt since I was a teenager. As I sat and drank I imagined how it might happen, in our room, hotel, car ? My mind was envisioning every possibility. Soon I felt trapped in my own imagination to all the thoughts racing through my mind.

I sat and I waited and waited and looked at the clock and still he wasn’t home. Tuesday’s he usually gets home before me after dropping our kids of at his parents for the night but not tonight. I started glancing at the clock every so often wondering where he was.

Eventually I couldn’t wait any longer and sent him a message saying, hi I got your note, I’m very excited ! When are you home ?

Within a few seconds I got a reply, hi I should be home at around 9 wait up I’ll be bringing a few friends.

Surely not tonight ! Was my first reaction. My stomach started to knot with anticipation, I had waited so long to have this night and I didn’t know Wether I would be ready. Soon I got up and paced around the living room to calm my threadbare nerves. It felt like a dream and a nightmare all rolled into one. Every noise outside made me rush to the window and peep outside. As 9 drew closer I started going up and down the stairs rehearsing what to say and do and how to act.

As I was on my way down I heard a car radio and the sound of talking. When I rushed down to the window, I saw it was my husband my heart nearly pounded from my chest. He was with friends three I thought at first but another car pulled up across the way and another four got out of that. A couple I recognized but the majority didn’t seem familiar at all to me. As they approached the door all laughing and joking I felt as though I was at the top of a rollercoaster looking down. Before I could get there the door opened and

In walked my husband. Followed by Paul a friend of his holding a bunch of flowers.

Are you ready for this ? My husband said smiling at me lovingly.

I felt afraid but this was what I had dreamed of for most of my life. I was ready I had to be.

After I said I was ready, Paul stepped forward smiling, holding his bunch of flowers out for me.

Just for you he said when I took them out his hand. Before I finished taking a whiff of their lovely sweet smell I was whisked of my feet by Paul, the rollercoaster was going down ! He made his way up our narrow staircase as I gripped onto him he felt firm and strong. I watched my husband at the bottom of the stairs smiling up at me as I disappeared away, it felt like I was ascending to heaven.

Which room ? Paul asked playfully as we reached the landing. By now I couldn’t even put words together so I just pointed at our bedroom and In we went. I felt like a woman a real woman about to be sexually fulfilled and tested to her full potential. Paul was attentive and passionate as he kissed me. Before long he tore at my clothes and and my flowers were all over the bed.

It was magical he made love to me like I was a queen kissing every tender spot and telling me how beautiful I was. In the heat of our embrace I realized two more of the husbands friends were in the room patiently watching us. Paul was a vigorous lover to begin with but luckily I hadn’t come to orgasm.

After he left the bed the two men neither of whom I know moved toward me a little less certain. Paul reassured them it’s ok she doesn’t bite. I felt so exposed and vulnerable with three men all eyes focused on me but I was having the time of my life knowing they all desired me and me only on that moment. The two strangers came into the bed and soon they each had their turn quickly enough and left. As I got up in a hot fluster my husband walked in to see me a sticky mess and smiled.

Three down four to go, he said laughing and I laughed along. I was amazed that they had all been very quick and I was eager to continue.

After my husband went downstairs to what was sounding like a fun party, Sam another one of his friends came up with another man I didn’t know. I was very glad of the bottle of champagne they brought with them and it almost felt funny watching them get undressed while I sat drinking in the nude.

Sam got straight down to business and was the most physical of the night to that point which drove me wild. It felt exciting having him toss me and turn me whatever way he wanted. I felt like with every breath my legs were getting weak and before long I had a moment of ecstasy that I hadn’t enjoyed without the use of a vibrating assistant in a long time.

Sam really left me weak and I asked for a break. The three remaining men whom I didn’t know had all arrived and all were looking very excited so I took the initiative to pleasure them while my womanhood recovered. They were all very gentlemanly thanking me as I worked and complementing me which was lovely.

One by one each of them thrilled me. By the end of the evening I found my self lying with the smell of seven hot sweaty men all lay on my bed feeling like a goddess. After a nice bit of play afterwards each of them said goodbye and disappeared downstairs.

As I lay there staring at the ceiling I heard someone else come in and looked up to see my hubby naked in our doorway. Even though my thighs were aching and I felt like I could barely move I wanted him desperately and he came and loved me like only a husband can.

What a night, fantasy fulfilled.