Written by janeandmartin

29 Jul 2013

Jane and I have been enjoying the swinging life for a few years now and always enjoy ourselves but Jane gets a little jealous if any women take an interest in me which is…urm…frustrating lol, anyway we were invited to a little venue in Somerset where such problems may not be an issue….read on.

I’m not going to spend ages talking through the whys and where’s so…we heard about this speed sex event held in a dark room (we are into that lol) which was open to only 15 couples and 5 males due to restricted space. I called the guy dealing with it and he told me that it was held in his cellar, and the room was completely dark, cant see a thing and was for one hour only. We were not to bring anything of value (just the entry fee) because once in the room whats lost stays lost lol. It would be hot and messy so make sure we had something to wipe ourselves down with in the car for afterwards lol. We arrived at 8 and was greeted by this lovely chap and his very horny looking wife, think it must have been a hotel in years gone by. They guided us down into the cellar which was, well yes very dark. There were others down there, few giggles but nothing more, by 8.15 (ish) the owners announced everyone was here and told us the rules. The owner and his wife were on hand for problems but other than that it was door closed and everyman…and wife for their own lol. Within seconds I and jane were being fondled, Jane was next to me but I could feel there were hands all over her body, fingers deep in her very wet hole and tits being sucked and squeezed, my cock was being sucked for all it was worth by a..well no idea could have been a guy or woman. I did feel a cock being pushed in the crack of my backside (not in it thanfully lol) and pretty soon something hot and wet on my back lol. I held on to Janes arm and could feel her body being pounded as someone managed to get his cock in her, anyway this just carried on for a while and eventually the owner called out 10 mins to go…well there were many grunts, screams and gasps as people came, wow, really heady. Time was up and we were shown out one at a time, so as not to attract attention. Jane and I got back to the car and her little black dress was simply covered in spunk which immediately made my cock spring back into life. Jane asked me if I had fucked anyone and I said, well not sure lol, but she and I both knew I had, I asked her if she had been careful and she assured me that she had but when she took her dress off to change there was spunk everywhere lol…ummm had to pull over and fuck her immediately lol. Anyway one of the best hours fun we have ever had, and a must for those shy types.x