Written by Dan

29 Oct 2010

After being married for 7 years Sarah and I both agreed that sex was getting a bit stale and predictable, needed spicing up a bit. I knew that she liked being tied up and fucked and we'd dabbled in a bit of light bondage. Tieing her to the bed then using a dildo on her while she sucked my cock and she fantasised that another bloke was fucking her, she would cum hard.

I put some strong hooks in to the lounge ceiling joists. I stripped her naked and tied her arms above her head, blindfolded raising her firm tits, her feet on the ground legs parted by a spreader. Then using a vibrator, holding it against her clit, for minutes on end, asking her who she wanted to fuck her, bringing her to orgasm. I'd suck her nipples, teasing her, naming blokes we know telling her they were in the room watching her, stroking their erections about to ram her with their hard cocks. She clearly found this erotic and would call out their names, telling them to fuck her, that she wanted to them to take her. I'd push the vibrator in her cunt fucking her with it making her cum again before lowering her and fucking her until I'd shot my load. Over a period of a few months we experimented further, using dildos and vibrators in her arse as we fucked until she asked me to arse fuck her, with a dildo in her pussy.

It was only a matter of time before one of us suggested getting someone to join us. We'd been out to a party and both had a fair amount to drink. We got home and Sarah told me that she had let a bloke finger her pussy at the party and would have let him fuck her if someone hadn't come in to the bedroom and disturbed them. My cock got hard imagining her being fucked by another man and as she wanked me I asked if she wanted to go ahead, for me to arrange for some of my mates to fuck her. She got on top and rode my prick reeling off names of the ones she wanted to fuck her and after we'd both cum told me several she didn't want to fuck. In the morning we talked about it again, I wanted to be sure that it hadn't just been the drink talking, that she wanted to go through with it. She was even more she in the morning she wanted to be fucked by other men. It was left to me to arrange and decide when, she said make it a surprise. It took me a two or three weeks, dropping hints, trying subtly see what the reaction was before inviting two of my mates to come round the house last Saturday evening to fuck Sarah.

I hadn't told her and it started just like any other Saturday evening. I shaved her cunt, blindfolded her, stood her under a hook and secured her. Leaving her there naked, I went to let my mates in, I'd told them to say nothing, just go in touch her suck and lick her tits and cunt and fuck her. I parted her legs and one got on the floor and licked her cunt, it wasn't until she felt another mouth on her tits she realised that she had two blokes. She gasped loudly when she felt my hands, spreading her buttocks and first one then a second lubricated finger being pushed up her arse. Her nipples where erect and as I finger fucked her arse she thrust her cunt on to the tongue sucking her cunt. In less then five minutes we made her cum and I had to quickly undo the rope tying her to the ceiling hook as her legs almost gave way. I held her, fingering her cunt, talking to her, telling her that they were taking their clothes off and were going to fuck her. That they were going to bend her over and ram her tight cunt and fuck her until she came. I undid the cuffs, leaving the blindfold and lead her to the sofa, putting my hand on the back of her head I pushed her head down to my mates waiting cock. As soon as she felt it touch her face she reached for it opened her mouth and started sucking. She was bent at the waist, my other mate was behind her and I told him that he could fuck her. They hadn't said a word as he spread her legs wider and slid his cock into her wet cunt, fucking her. I sat next to her, rolling her nipples between finger and thumb, pinching and pulling them listening to her moan quietly as she sucked cock. She seemed to be close to cumming so I stood her up moved her forward until she could kneel on the sofa in a position to straddle him then she reached between her legs took hold of his prick and guided it to her pussy. She gave a long contented sigh as he penetrated her and she got comfortable letting him thrust his cock in to her 6 or 7 times before I pushed her from the upright position to laid on top, I spread her arse cheeks and looked at her cunt stretched by a single cock and told her that just one cock in her wasn't enough, she needed another to fill her pussy. He moved in and rubbed his cock over her arse, then pressed it against her cunt hole then, as the first pushed back in he slid his hard prick in as well. He was in control and fucked her hard while she kept still, the other mate only able to make smaller movements. I stood watching her elastic cunt stretched as she was fucked, listening to her moans and grunts as he slammed his cock up her cunt. I stroked my lubricated prick, anticipating fucking her, waiting as the lad on top stopped, cock stuffed in her cunt, clenching his bum as he came emptying his balls in several hard spurts. He stood still for a minute then slowly withdrew, his spunk running down his mates cock. He stood aside and I took his place. Sarah's inviting puckered arse hole was just waiting to take cock. I poured some lube on her arse and worked it in to her anus with a couple of fingers, then as I pulled them out pushed my cock in. Her back arched as I slowly fed my length up her arse, I could feel the cock in her cunt moving, fucking her freely. I waited until I felt that she had taken both our cocks, both deep inside her, then as he began to withdraw I did the same. One or two thrusts into her and we got in to a rhythm, fucking her arse and cunt, penetrating and pulling out together. She'd taken my cock and a dildo like this but with two real cocks shafting her holes she came loud and long, telling us not to stop, to fuck her harder and ram our pricks deeper. We were fucking her for about 10 minutes when I felt his pace change and him thrusting in short jerks as he spunked in her cunt. I gave her half a dozen long deep thrusts then unloaded my spunk up her arse. As I withdrew her arse hole shut trapping my spunk inside her and I lifted her off the other cock and sat her in a chair, spread her legs and told her not to move. As they dressed we watched the spunk slowly dribbling out of her gaping cunt as, without being asked she rested a hand on her mound and touched her clitoris moving her fingers, masturbating. I showed my mates out and watched as she brought herself off with her fingers then removed the blindfold. She was surprised to see that we were alone and asked who had fucked her. I didn't tell her and she still doesn't know whose cocks she took in her cunt. However, tomorrows Saturday and she is hoping for a repeat and has suggested that more than two would be nice. She will just have to wait and see what, if anything, I've organised.