Written by Rob

2 Oct 2009

I should have been telling you about my 6th encounter with this couple in part 3 – I need to get more to the point!!

Anyway, it started as usual with me arriving for dinner with them armed with a bottle of wine and some chocolates for Jenny. After dinner we would crack open the wine and have a glass each. Jenny usually went upstairs to get undressed then we would follow a few minutes later. However this night turned out a little differently. Jenny had gone upstairs and we had been finishing our wine in the lounge. After about 15 minutes I wondered if Steve was going to make the move to go upstairs. I didn’t want to ask him as it would have seemed too presumptuous. Suddenly Jenny walked back into the lounge wearing her full length dressing down. She came right over to where I was sitting. I looked up at her curvy, compact 5ft frame and watched as she slowly and seductively let the gown slide off her shoulders and slip to the floor. Steve laughed as he watched my reaction. My mouth fell open when I saw what she was wearing – it was the black lace bra and panties edged in red from the photo that Steve had emailed me, which I described in part 1 of my story. Jenny was also wearing a black lace suspender belt and sheer black stockings. I sat up immediately, put my hands on her bum and pulled her closer to me so that my face pressed against her mound. She gave a soft moan when she felt my warm breath through her knickers and I proceeded to kiss her pussy through the panties. A few minutes passed and the panties were becoming distinctly damp. I went to peel them from her moist fanny but she moved away, smiling and telling me to lie down on the sofa. I did as she commanded and she then proceeded to remove my clothes, quickly moving to my already erect cock. As I removed the rest of my shirt, I watched her flick my swollen helmet with her tongue, lapping up the bubble of semen that had oozed from the opening. Then she licked my shaft from the root right up to the tip and back down again, moving around the sides of my cock as well. She massaged my balls with her hands and fingers, sometimes reaching lower so that her nails touched the area between my scrotum and anus. Her touch was very soft and sensual and my cock was soon throbbing, anticipating being accepted into her warm mouth. I groaned with pleasure when I saw my cock disappear into her mouth and felt her soft, warm tongue wrap around my shaft. She moved her head slowly up and down, skilfully allowing my full length to slip down her throat. I was in ecstasy and my cock felt harder and bigger than normal, such was my excitement. Although she kept on stimulating my cock in this way for over 15 minutes she was very skilful to prevent me climaxing, biting on my knob when she felt the throbbing was getting too vigorous.

Meanwhile, Steve had undressed and had come over to his kneeling wife. While she worked my cock he initially stroked and caressed her body, eventually removing her bra and knickers. Then he explored her vagina with his fingers and tongue. She was already quite moist from my efforts so it didn’t take much more stimulation from Steve to render her pussy soaking wet and bring about her first orgasm. Steve wasn’t yet fully hard but he was keen to enter her and her pussy was easily ready to accept his cock. I watched as Steve raised himself, grabbed Jenny’s waist and pushed his bottom against her. With my cock fully inside her mouth she gave a soft moan and I knew that she now had Steve’s cock inside her vagina. She was clearly enjoying having 2 cocks in her at the same time, as she began to suck more eagerly on my cock. Steve began to fuck her with slow rhythmic thrusts causing her erect nipples to slip back and forth over my thighs. Soon Steve was speeding up and his fast action was making it difficult for Jenny to take my full length down her throat. She began to take only half of my shaft inside her mouth but her movement up and down had become much faster, in fact keeping in time with Steve’s thrusts. Suddenly, Steve groaned and jerked – he gave a firm thrust, banging his groin against her ass and impaling her onto my cock. My full length slid down her throat making her gag slightly and she raised her head to release my cock as Steve let out loud groans. He pulled her upwards and into him, squeezing her breasts with his hands as he held her tightly against his body. His buttocks were fully tensed and I knew he was filling her with sperm. Jenny reached behind him and pressed his buttocks with her hand. Steve groaned again, wrapped his arms fully around her waist and gave 2 firm upward thrusts causing her tits to wobble violently. She groaned and turned her head, kissing him gently on the face, smiling at him while he emptied his seed into her. After the kiss it was clear that Steve had finished spunking her as her attention was now directed to my cock. Almost immediately Jenny leaned forward and began to rub my cock with her right hand. A minute later she lifted her bum and I saw Steve’s cock slip out of her. As he moved away I noticed a few drops of spunk drip from between her legs onto the carpet. I was so excited and would have liked to fuck her at that moment.

Instantly, I sat up as she moved to take my cock back in her mouth. Then I suggested an alternative rather than having her suck me off. I asked her if she would allow me to masturbate myself using her body. Before Jenny could say anything Steve voiced his approval and immediately went to get the baby oil for lubrication so that my cock didn’t leave a friction burn. I threw some of their cushions onto the floor and asked Jenny to lie down on her front – I told her that I was going to rub some baby oil onto her back and buttocks. She asked what I was planning but I just told her to relax and if she didn’t like it then I would stop. She asked if I wanted to masturbate between her breasts but again I just told her to wait and see.

Steve came back into the room armed with the baby oil and his camcorder. Jenny lay down on her front and opened her legs to allow access to her pussy. I began to pour some baby oil over her back and bum, and then proceeded to rub it in. She enjoyed it and said I had wonderful hands. Her body glistened in the light of the room, her back and bottom yielding a silky satin glow as a result of the baby oil massaged into it. I poured some more over her bum and began to rub it in, this time letting my hand and fingers slide between her smooth, round buttocks into the crack. I covered the sides of her buttocks with the baby oil and smeared some right down into her crack and over her anus. With my hands covered in the oil I grabbed my erection and ensured it was fully soaked. Now I would see if Jenny would accept my advances.

I climbed on top of Jenny, sliding my body back and forth to ensure my front also received some oil from her sexy body. My cock slid along her buttocks and she gasped, telling me that it felt great. She opened her legs a little more and I once again knelt between them. Then with my hands I pulled her bum cheeks apart to reveal her lubricated crack and tight anus. Instantly, I squeezed my thick cock into the space, released my hands and lay back down on top of her. Using my thighs I squeezed her legs together so that her ass completely surrounded my thick, hard shaft. It felt great and immediately I began to thrust my cock up and down her bum crack much to her surprise. She moaned softly and I asked if I was hurting her. I was pleased when she said that it didn’t hurt and that she found it very sexy indeed – she said it was as if I was fucking her without penetrating her. As I began to pound her faster her moans became cries of pleasure and she urged me to thrust harder. Soon her ass was making loud slapping noises with every thrust I gave her and eventually Jenny herself screamed that she was going to come. I don’t know if it was the feel of my cock or the vibration and movement that caused her orgasm or whether it was just the excitement of being used in that way, but orgasm she did and what a climax it was. Her whole body shook as it raged through her and she screamed with joy, bucking wildly on the floor – I had to hold her down by laying my full weight on top of her. She cried out for me to empty myself in her ass. I began to lose some control and my thrusts were becoming too violent. Suddenly I pulled back too far and my cock slipped from between her bum cheeks. In my eagerness to get it back inside I rammed my cock quite close to her vagina and it made her squeal and jump up. She stood up and asked what I was doing. I apologised immediately and explained that it wasn’t intentional – it was just that I was caught up in the sexual tension of the situation and my aim hadn’t been so good. I admitted to her that I loved her pussy and if allowed I would love to fuck her. But I knew she wasn’t going to agree to that – from our previous meets this had been clear. We were both breathing heavily and she could clearly see my swollen knob expanding and contracting, virtually at the point of exploding. She grabbed the bottle and smeared first my cock and then her bum crack with baby oil. Jenny moved to the end of the sofa and stood looking at my cock for a good few seconds then came up with a suggestion which completely surprised me – she asked if I would fuck her anally. Jenny mentioned that the couple of times she and Steve had tried it, Steve had not be able to get inside her and he would eventually lose his erection trying. However, she had always wanted to experience being fucked anally and thought this would be a good time to try. She reckoned that my cock, being much longer and very hard at that particular time would have a better chance of penetrating her anus, although she was a little worried that it might be painful. I thought it would be impossible due to my larger girth.

She urged me to try and asked if I would like to fuck her that way or continue masturbating between her bum cheeks. She promised to get me hard again if I lost my erection trying to enter her anus and said I could masturbate between her bum cheeks instead if it turned out I couldn’t get inside her. As far as I was concerned it was a great proposition and I’d get to fuck her, even if it was only anal sex. I agreed and she lay down over the broad arm of the sofa so that her bum was pushed up in the air. She asked me to get on top of her and fuck the ass off her. Steve was quite shocked but nodded to me that it was ok to continue. Using one arm to support my weight I used the other to guide my still rock hard shaft onto her anus. I wedged my cock against the tiny puckered hole and pressed down, towering over Jenny, whose head and tits were resting on the sofa cushion – it looked an uncomfortable position for her though. I put one hand on the top of the sofa and the other on the cushion to the side of Jenny’s head. Then with my buttocks I began to press my cock hard against her anus. Harder and harder I would press whilst Jenny’s moans became louder. Suddenly her anus gave way and my knob slid straight inside causing Jenny to scream and wince with pain. Her face screwed up and I held back from thrusting. I couldn’t believe I was inside her and looked down between her buttocks in astonishment to see her tight hole stretched to breaking point, gripping tightly around my shaft. A minute later she had recovered and instructed me to push more of my ‘wonderful cock’ into her. I wasted no time and squeezed another few inches inside. Jenny moaned loudly and I stopped thrusting with just over half my cock inside her. It had been difficult to penetrate any deeper due to the thickness of my shaft and it had been uncomfortable so I guessed it must have been a bit sore for Jenny. Nevertheless I began to fuck her, pulling my swollen cock back out a couple of inches then thrusting the same back inside. Her anus began to relax and with the oil lubricating our bits I found it easier to slide my shaft back and forth up her bum. Jenny was now moaning with pleasure – the pain had gone and she was clearly enjoying the feel of my cock inside her, telling Steve that “it felt so good, so hard” and that she could feel “the ridges, bumps and swollen veins in my thick cock” and urging me not to stop, insisting that I give her “ass a good first-time fucking”. She had raised herself off the sofa cushion, supporting her weight using her hands on the arm of the sofa with both feet planted on the carpet. She was bent over so now I was screwing her doggie-style with one hand on top of her shoulder and the other supporting and massaging her swinging breasts. I was soon pumping her anus with a fast rhythm and Jenny was responding, pushing her hips back to meet my eager thrusts. However, I was careful not to penetrate her too deeply for fear of causing pain or even damage and so just over half my cock was fucking her. Her pleasure was clearly audible with loud constant groans and whimpers piercing the room. Her breathing was heavy, erratic and fast and she had a hunger for my cock, hurriedly thrusting back into me, eager to feel my hard, ridged and veined shaft move back up inside her.

We had been going at it for almost 10 minutes and I could see beads of sweat forming on Jenny’s head, such was the lively and vigorous fucking action. Her breasts were also damp as a result of her energetic backward movements and they felt wonderfully smooth and moist. This added to my excitement, knowing that the sex I was giving Jenny was a good workout for her. My cock was now throbbing intensely and I knew I was close to the end. Suddenly she cried out to me “Oh no your cock is going to explode!” I moaned and told her I needed to cum. Still fucking her I cried that I was “going to fill her full of spunk”. I’d barely finished speaking when suddenly I groaned and jerked, reaching the point of no return. Instantly, I held her against my cock, pulling her up towards me and grasping her tits with both hands. She screamed for me to pull out but it was too late – I couldn’t hold on any longer and I drove my throbbing shaft back in with a single, forceful, upward thrust. She let out a scream then long sighs and gasps as my cock released a torrent of hot spunk into her ass. She cried out to Steve telling him my cock was shooting spunk into her. Almost immediately I turned her around and pressed her into the wall. She reached behind me placing both hands on my buttocks. I’d released my grip on her breasts - which were now being squashed against the wall - and instead wrapped my arms around her waist and tummy. In one fast move I pulled my cock back so that I was almost slipping out of her again. Then groaning loudly I rammed my shaft back up her once more, lifting her off the carpet. When her feet hit the floor again I gave 3 fast and hard upward thrusts from my buttocks, causing my ejaculation to intensify and Jenny to shriek loudly with each thrust. The initial torrent of spunk, although large had felt restricted in some way but now it was as if the lid had been removed from my penis - it just kept exploding again and again uncontrollably inside Jenny saturating her back passage with spunk and filling it with my sperm. I grunted loudly as my orgasm floored me – I felt all strength draining from my body. Jenny began to cry but through her sobs she told me to empty myself completely in her. This seemed to prolong my ejaculation even more and our legs began to tremble as the spunk continued to rush into her. I thrust twice more (long firm thrusts) stimulating my cock to release yet more spunk. She almost collapsed and I held her up with my arms around her chest, breasts and tummy, letting my hand slide down to her moist, trimmed mound. At one point she threw back her head and gasped when I brushed across her clitoris, crying in a husky voice that she could still feel the hotness of my semen as it continued to gush into her and finally saying “oh gosh you’re a real stud, what a great fucking you’ve given me” when I’d finally finished.

During the ejaculation I hoarsely mumbled an apology for not pulling out but I have to say that it felt great and my cock just kept pouring spunk into her for what seemed like an age – it must have lasted nearly a full minute and it seemed like another thrust into her would start it going again. I held her for nearly 5 minutes with my cock still inside until our legs had stopped shaking. Eventually my cock started to lose its stiffness and I found I could slip out of her without too much pain. When I pulled out of her a stream of spunk oozed from the tip of my knob – my cock was so sensitive that I’m sure I could have cum some more with a little stimulation. Steve made Jenny bend over and pulled her bum cheeks apart to film my creamy spunk leaking from the gaping hole my cock had left in her anus. I could see inside her and her back passage looked filled with white semen. It had been a great experience for me and one which Jenny thoroughly enjoyed, judging by her reaction.

My cock was a little sore and red for the next day or so but I wasn’t complaining. I’d got to fuck Jenny, albeit up the ass. Jenny thanked me for screwing her anally – something she had always wanted to try. Steve told her that he had enjoyed watching her getting fucked by me – she dismissed his comment saying that she had always known that he’d wanted to watch her being screwed by another man. She said that I was the first man to ever fuck her that way and that Steve couldn’t claim credit for that (but that ‘she loved his little cock anyway’). I told her that it had been great and that I’d enjoyed screwing her. I told her that I’d a fantastic climax, flooding her back passage with a hefty amount of spunk, my usual heavy ejaculation. From previous meetings she knew that I ejaculated quite strongly and rather heavily but she had not anticipated taking my sperm inside her and thought I would pull out and shoot my load over her back or bum. She said that it was a shock when she realised I was going to give her a spunking but went on to say that it had been a very pleasant shock – she said that she had enjoyed feeling the hotness of it as my sperm gushed into her and that it had made her shiver and develop goose-bumps (which I do remember noticing on her buttocks and back). It was a messy finish and she needed to mop up her leaking bottom after I’d finished. However, I had not left her sore or reddened and she was pleased that apart from the initially penetration, it had been a pain-free, exciting fuck. Steve had enjoyed watching me fuck her and it had excited him - I heard them screwing just after we’d retired to bed, obviously still highly excited by the events earlier in the evening. It lasted about an hour and their bed was well tested judging by the sound of the squeaks and mattress springs.

I left next morning eagerly anticipating a return episode in a few weeks time. Jenny left me to the airport and assured me that I’d be back again if she had anything to do with it. She said that next time she wanted all of my cock inside her. I said that I would be glad to oblige if she could manage it but that next time maybe I could fuck her pussy instead. She just laughed and called me ‘cheeky’ saying that I should be so lucky...but then, after a pause, she hinted that I’d have to wait and see!