Written by Anon

25 Sep 2009

As the title suggests, this is a continuation of 'Spilling The Beans.'

Initially K was somewhat reluctant to tell me too many stories of her and her previous partners. Gradually, as she became aware of the spark that they added to our sex life, she opened up and indulged me. Occassionaly, during foreplay, she would ask what I wanted her to do. Amongst other things I would take this as an invitation to ask her for a story about what she got up to before I came along.

'Who do you want to know about' she would say, 'you know' I would respond, 'I want to hear about what Simon did to you.' I would then tease her about how I couldn't blame Simon for cheating on his wife, and how any man would be tempted by the delights of her wonderful 19 year old breasts (as they would have been at the time), and that the fact that she was so grateful of what she was getting from him, that she'd have let him do anything to her to make sure he came back for more.

She would always get turned on by this and ask me whether I would have strayed had I been in his position. My reply was that any man would have been tempted by her body, especially those glorious breasts. She would laugh and tell me how he didn't give her breasts the attention that I do (I cannot keep my hands or mouth off them) and that he was more fixated on her pussy. 'I liked his confidence' she would say 'if he wanted to finger me he wouldn't stop to ask, it was so much better than I'd had before.'

One occassion, as she stroked me to an orgasm, she told me how he'd invited her round to his parents, who were away for the weekend. Once inside the house, he showed her straight up to the bedroom. They undressed each other and slipped under the sheets. She went straight for his dick, taking him into her mouth and sucking him to full hardness, then stopped to tease him, by telling him how she'd had her boyfriend in her pussy earlier that afternoon. 'His cock isn't anything like your's, you stretch me so much more' she purred. This was too much for him, so he laid her on her back and went to work on her pussy, very gently rubbing her lips while asking her to continue.

'I'd rather be with you' she told him, as he moved down the bed to tounge her dripping hole. 'You give me a much better seeing to, but I am greedy and still like what he gives me. I love having two of you on the go'. This was clearly too much for Simon, who moved up the bed to slip his cock into her. As he started to pump her she continued, 'I didn't let him come in my mouth, I save that for you'. Simon was now like a man possessed. 'He did me as hard as he could' K told me. 'I've never had a seeing to like that either before or since'.

This was too much for me, and I came incredibly hard, all over her hand and her breasts, right up to her neck. K commented on the amount of Cum that I'd deposited on her. 'Why do you like these stories so much?' she asked. My response was that I loved the fact that she'd been so wanton, that she'd happily let someone who only wanted her for her pussy, fuck her whenever he wanted, simply because she'd fallen in love with his cock. This turned us both on and really added to our lovemaking. Over time these stories took on a new twist, with K asking me how I'd feel if I'd been her boyfriend at the time. My reply was that, provided I knew what was going on and she told me in advance, I'd probably have been okay with it.

One evening, as she had hold of my dick, telling me of the time she went for a drive with Simon to a quiet lane they often visited, she put a new twist into the story. She'd been telling me how, once they'd parked they started to kiss and stroke each other through their clothes. 'I can't wait' Simon said, 'I have to have you right now.' K jumped out of the car, as did Simon. This time, he walked to meet her, then pushed her onto the bonnet of the car. He had pulled her knickers off earlier, to allow his fingers access to her pussy. He now pulled her skirt up, and bent to give her oral sex, while she fiddled with her top, allowing her breasts to spill out into the cool summer air.

'Just imagine if you'd been there waiting to watch us' she whispered, 'Would you have had your cock out while you spied on us'. I told her that was obvious, as she knew that I loved hearing about this and that seeing it for myself would be even better. 'I could make it happen for you' she whispered in my ear, 'but only if you really want me to.' I was a little taken aback and told her to just finish the story. 'I will' she said, but I want you to imagine you are watching me with Simon'.

She went on to tell me how licked her for a while, then stood up and spread her legs wide, pulled her towards him and slid his wonderful cock into her. 'He was doing me on the bonnet of his car baby' she said 'It was wonderful. I just wish you could have been there to see how much I loved it.' I asked her if she wanted it that way again. 'Yes' she admitted 'I want to be taken on the bonnet of a car'. I then asked whether she wanted me doing her on the bonnet, or whether she'd wanted me to watch. 'I'm a greedy girl' she said 'and my pussy always wants cock...You know that I sometimes imagine Simon doing me again.' As she said this she started rubbing herself with her free hand, 'Would you let me have both?'

I was so turned on by this point that I agreed that she could have both. My reward for this was for her to take me into her mouth and suck me to orgasm. Our sex life has improved so much since we have shared these thoughts with each other and we have agreed in principle to a threesome. I'll let you know if it does ever happen.