Written by old looking after the young !

3 Jan 2012

Pestered her regularly to get a lad from the nearby club, (we live abroad)after she was convinced I was serious, she set about it,and much to my delight I got an sms, while on the beer with the lads.I made my excuses and left for home.Another sms, hurry up he's starting on me already,my quick reply, go ahead, I'll be 5 minutes..........

Got home, knocked politely before entering,there he is,climbing off, and removing his condom! I smiled to ease the tension,and went strait over to her, and went down on her,he went to the bathroom,and came back out ....with a boner on! having not liked the taste of condom, I told her to give it a quick wash, and she came back, got on her back, and called him over,he climbed on,and commenced fucking her again.I told him to move to spoon position,and I then had access to the clit, and slurped on it for 5 minutes until he came again.Like clockwork, he's off to the bathroom,I stayed and switched to 69 position, he was back again, and watching,wanking himself hard again,I moved over, called him over,and got him to do her doggy style, I lay beneath,getting the veiw of a lifetime, and I asked her to tell him,pull out when he was cumming and put it in my mouth,which , he obliged and I got a warm sweet load, she looked at me strangely, and burst out laughing,he went and cleaned himself again,she asked if I wanted him to stay the night, na, am knakkered, pay him,and he left very courtiously. Thats what we do over here.

Totally true.100%!