Written by Kelly

16 Oct 2009

Hi me again , how are we all ? Well folks after my carpark spitroasting thanks for all your horny comments, i know i said i would not do it again or rather it would be unlikely but what can i say right time , right place , well oiled etc .

H & I were at a dance which was superb , the drink was flowing & i was very thirsty, i was up on the dancefloor a lot & was wearing a very revealing skin tight red dress & so was attracting lots of attention.

We were staying overnight at the hotel where the dance took place so i went up to our room to freshen up , after about five minutes there was a knock on the door i answered & it was H with a dirty smile on his face i smiled back & knew what was coming so i just walked straight over to the bed bent over, he took out his rock hard 7 inches & rammed it right up my soaking tight pussy & hammered me as hard as he could for about 10 minutes. He was not long in cumming it was just a quicky but as usual a very good one.

We then went back down & carried on dancing, i was getting very pissed while enjoying the attention i was attracting with me getting wanton looks from both sexes which was making me hornier by the minute i could also feel H`s spunk starting to run out my pussy.

I went outside for a cigarette & some fresh air i was then joined by F one of H\'s friends he was very flirty as usual & making eyes at me . H then joined us & the conversation quickly got onto sex, i know they share storys & talk obcenitys at work but this was new in front of me & i was starting to get horny again, when i looked at H there was just something in his eyes in the way he looked at me & F, i turned round & grabbed F\'s cock & started rubbing it through his trousers his actions spoke louder than words he did not need to say anything he just arched his back & put his head back breathing very deeply he was rock hard . H then came up behind me & started pressing his dick against my ass while kissing my neck , i then suggested that we should go to our room for fun as we were just standing in a small smoke shelter, both men happily agreed & off we went.

My face/body was tingling with excitement , once in the lift both men got their cocks out so not to be out done i dropped to my knees taking over like a cock hungry slut,i sucked H\'s then F\'s spitting on both as i got really worked up. Just then the lift opened & we were nearly caught by a porter who was waiting for the lift.

We walked along the hall to our room groping & teasing quite openly, once we were in both guys were all over me kissing & touching me, H very quickly removing my dress my & sqeezing my tits while F was rubbing my clit & fingering my pussy, i was then laid down on the bed they were both sucking my nipples while my pussy was getting fingered really hard i thought i was just going to squirt there & then.

H then took his trousers off lay down on the bed & pulled me on top of him, i was rubbing my clit very hard against his bellend & then slid down all the way i screamed out as i came instantly. F was behind me licking/lubing up my ass & with every touch of the tip of his tongue i was kind of squirming & then the licking stopped & i felt a big , fat swollen cock enter my ass, H stopped while right up me to let f get up my ass then in about 6 or seven seconds the whole of his cock was all the way in i was completly full of rock hard cock in both holes i screamed out as both men totaly filled me i was getting fucked really hard H & F were like men possesed.

I think just the fact that i was being so dirty/such a slut was making me cum time & time again, after about 10 minutes i felt F\'s cock twitch the head of his cock pulsing in my tight ass then filling me up with spurt after spurt of cum, he left his cock in me for about a minute & then pulled out, H was still pounding my cunt severely i still wanted to be really dirty so squeezed F\'s cum out my ass & it ran down H\'s balls me telling him what i was doing that was enough he then shot a big load of spunk deep into my pussy, we lay on the bed for a minute or two & then got up , got dressed & went back down to the dance.

Everyone seemed so pissed by this point that no one had even noticed we were gone, we got back into the drinking & dancing, i was teasing H telling him to look on floor as both his & F\'s cum was dripping out my stretched holes, we then teased eachother with all the dirty things we were going to be doing to eachother once the night was over, f came over with his girlfriend who was so drunk she hadn`t noticed he had been away.

Once the night was finished & we were back in our room we were so leathered that we just could not manage again but was an excellent night all round one to remember.

The next morning was a different story though as H has a real thing for smelling & licking my pussy from the previous fuck its had, well he had two holes to lick clean today which he done like a madman sucking,licking & slurping away until i came on his face. MMM just the way i like to be woken up.

I got a good fucking when we got home that day aswell, sorry if the detail not as good as usual but i was totally pissed & had a massive hangover for at least a couple of days , if we get up to any other filthy antics i will let you all know. Kelly . X